Perez Hilton Defends Obama from Bristol Palin

Perez Hilton Defends Obama from Bristol Palin

Class act Perez Hilton posted on his website yesterday that Bristol Palin was paranoid for writing an open letter to President Obama asking him to return the $1 million donation he received from Bill Maher. Palin correctly noted that Maher had made repellent comments about her family, stating:

He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was f—d so hard a baby fell out … Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next. You explained to reporters you called her because you were thinking of your two daughters, Malia and Sasha … If Maher talked about Malia and Sasha that way, you’d return his dirty money and the Secret Service would probably have to restrain you. After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager. That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.  Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you. Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women. You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.

Here’s Hilton’s response:

But gurl, why so hostile toward Obama?? Why not just call the comments to his attention instead of insulting him too?

Limbaugh is a radio host whose comments made national headlines during a very important debate in America’s social history.

Maher’s?? We’re not excusing his comments toward Bristol, but those comments were made throughout the course of the comedian’s career, and they definitely didn’t make headlines.

So could it be that Obama is just unaware of these comments? After all, he has been very protective of Bristol in the past. Lets not let paranoia convince us the presidency has turned him into a big, bad monster.

Maybe next time a political family wants to make a point, they should leave the mud slinging behind and maybe then we’ll be impressed!

Apparently, according to Hilton, if Palin think that Obama attacked Rush simply for political gain — if she thinks that Obama is using Sandra Fluke’s deliberate attempt to undermine religious values to further his political agenda; if she believes that Obama has remained silent on the left’s gargantuan obsession with destroying Bristol’s mother because he’s deathly afraid of her and her committed constituency – then she must be paranoid. The truth must be, according to Hilton, that Obama simply didn’t know about Maher’s comments – an absurd supposition, considering he has an entire staff on hand to vet his donors. Here’s the bottom line: the left is only concerned about the “war on women” when it helps them politically.


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