Hillary: Rush Comments a 'Verbal Assault'

Hillary: Rush Comments a 'Verbal Assault'

Today, Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell in a pre-taped interview that Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke constituted a “verbal assault.” She continued:

We, as a nation, have every right — and in fact I welcome it — to engage in the kind of debate and dialogue that is at the root of who we are as Americans. But let’s not turn it into personal attacks and insults. We’re beyond that. We’re better than that and people in the public eye have a particular responsibility to avoid it.

This is certainly odd coming from the woman who suggested that President Bush knew about 9/11. Or the woman who allegedly called Dick Morris a “f—ing Jew bastard.” Or the woman who suggested that Mahatma Gandhi “ran a gas station.”

Or the woman who suggested that conservatives’ outrage about her husband’s perjury and alleged actual sexual assault constituted a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Hillary more than any other politician should know the definition of real assault, considering that her husband was a master of it.

Suddenly, however, she is the mistress of civility. This is a strange turn of events, to be certain – but it’s not that strange, considering that Hillary has made a career out of playing the victim. It took her husband’s philandering to make her a sympathetic figure as First Lady; it took Rick Lazio looming over her to make her a sympathetic figure in the Senate. Now, she’s trying to grab the mantle of wronged women everywhere. She might as well have said, “If I had a daughter, she’d look like Sandra Fluke.” That seems to be the best Democratic strategy these days.


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