Lauer to Palin: You Reading Newspapers Yet?

Lauer to Palin: You Reading Newspapers Yet?

NBC’s Matt Lauer pulled out his patronizing face today to attack Sarah Palin, who will be co-hosting “The Today Show” tomorrow. By phone, he asked Palin, “What are you doing to prepare? Are you reading some newspapers?” The remark was clearly a reference to Palin’s infamous interview with Katie Couric during the 2008 election cycle, in which Couric asked Palin which newspapers she read.

Palin laughed, since she is a class act. The other people sitting on the Lauer Couch gave the typical Jerry Springer response: “Oooooh.”

“That’s a fine howdy a do, that’s a great start, here we go,” Palin responded.

When Palin remarked that she was excited to be part of the show, and that she was happy to see NBC being bold enough to act on behalf of the diversity of opinion they supposedly espouse, one of the co-hosts remarked, “Or desperation.”


Palin, for her part, was charming. Asked whether she had any worries, she asked, “How nervous should you all be, perhaps?” When Lauer asked her what her recent tweet, stating that she would “go rogue and infiltrates some turf” meant, she answered, “What do you think it means?”

Tomorrow should be fun to watch. But not because of Matt Lauer or any of his scurrilous allies, who treat every day as a new opportunity to slice up their political opponents while wearing smarmy grins.


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