Palin Shines on 'TODAY' Despite Hostile Treatment

Palin Shines on 'TODAY' Despite Hostile Treatment

As Mitt Romney inches toward the GOP nomination, the mainstream media will move on to their next parlor game and write endless gossip-laden stories about Romney’s vice presidential selection process. As has been evident from curtain-raiser stories on the veep-stakes, such as this one in the Washington Post, the mainstream media will use these stories to compare all of Romney’s potential vice presidential candidates to former Alaska Gov and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

And these comparisons will usually be made to perpetuate the false meme that Palin was a reckless choice who was neither vetted nor qualified to be president when, in reality, she was responsible for breathing life into a McCain campaign that had been put on life support by its paid-professional consultants.

When NBC invited Palin to co-host the “TODAY” Show on Tuesday to help NBC get a ratings win over ABC, which has Katie Couric guest hosting “Good Morning America” this week, host Matt Lauer interviewed her before she co-hosted for an hour. Lauer asked Palin if Romney is the nominee, if he should “choose someone with more experience on the national battlefield than you had at the time” as John McCain’s vice presidential nominee. 

Of course, what Lauer was, in a passive-aggressive manner, doing was basically parroting the conventional wisdom that Palin had not been vetted and was not ready for prime time, despite the fact that she had years of executive experience in the private and public sectors and accomplished more in two years as Alaska’s governor combating corruption and spearheading ethics reform than most governors have in two terms.

On TODAY, Palin displayed a sense of ease and confidence even though she was infiltrating hostile territory, where the liberal anchors seemed uncomfortable with her conservatism and mega-wattage star power. Other moth-to-the-flame attention seekers such as Star Jones could not hide her disdain for Palin, while Donny Deutsch oh-so-courageously attempted to put her down behind her down on a sister network. However, Palin withstood the not-so-subtle hate unfazed and represented herself and conservatism admirably. 


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