NPR Lies Again About Zimmerman

NPR Lies Again About Zimmerman

Earlier this week, NPR lied to its listeners, telling them that “[George] Zimmerman pursued [Trayvon] Martin after police, responding to Zimmerman’s 911 call, told him not to.” Today, it repeated the lie at the top of its hourly news broadcast.

The lie is especially ironic, given that special prosecutor Angela Corey announced yesterday that she is charging Zimmerman with second-degree murder–not first-degree murder, which would require the kind of pursuit or premeditation that NPR’s distortion implies.

In a segment that followed on Morning Edition, NPR presented the Martin case in the light most unfavorable to the defendant, stating simply that Zimmerman had seen Martin, called police, pursued him and shot him, leaving out the apparent fight that led Zimmerman to claim he acted in self-defense.

While avoiding the inflammatory and unfounded charge that Zimmerman shot Martin because of racist motives, NPR is strongly suggesting to its listeners that Zimmerman is guilty of a crime other than the one for which he is now being charged and prosecuted.


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