Ann Romney Just Became the Media's Primary Target

Ann Romney Just Became the Media's Primary Target

Governor Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has just made a huge blunder in proving herself to be a powerful, classy, articulate, intelligent, and attractive advocate for her husband and his policies. Because in our current media culture it doesn’t matter that candidate’s wives, per Barack Obama, should be off limits; it doesn’t matter that she has MS; it doesn’t matter that she’s a breast cancer survivor; it doesn’t matter that she raised five children who by all accounts have grown into fine adults. Nothing matters, not her charitable work, not her college education … nothing.

All that matters to Obama’s corrupt Media Palace Guards is that Ann Romney is a huge plus to the Romney 2012 campaign and is therefore a threat to Obama’s re-election and therefore she must be destroyed.

The media was already scared of Ann Romney, but after what’s occurred over the last 48 hours, she will now be their primary target for the worst kind of personal destruction. How much do you want to bet Buzz Feed’s Ben Smith has already ordered his minions to locate her tanning bed? What does Politico’s Jonathan Martin have planned for Ms. Romney —  no stranger to doing Obama’s oppo-research on private citizens is he.

Wednesday night, Obama advisor and frequent White House guest, Hilary Rosen, picked up where Obama left off and lit into Ann Romney on CNN;  brazenly equating the raising of five children as a disqualifier when it comes to speaking on economic issues or even women’s issues.

As a result, Ann Romney stepped into the White House’s line of fire by handling the situation … with absolute perfection.

And as she did, let me assure you, Obama’s Media Palace Guards completely freaked out.

Welcome to what will surely become  “Palin II: The Nuclear Option.”

We all remember how John McCain so shook up the 2008 race with the VP choice of Governor Sarah Palin, that awful, terrible, no good college-educated, self-made mayor and governor who raised herself a lovely family. And we all remember how, for these sins, a full-court media rampage immediately began that was determined to destroy her. The media lied about Sarah Palin’s record, lied about the massive crowds that came out to see her, and worst of all, they attacked her children.

What we learned from this is that, when it comes to protecting the Left and most especially Barack Obama, any virtue the other side holds that might hurt Their Precious One must be annihilated. Furthermore, Ann Romney isn’t just an asset to her husband’s campaign, she’s also a direct threat to the very heart of Obama’s cynical reelection plans.

President FailureTeleprompter cannot run on his dismal record, so he’s invested much into winning  his second term through the so-called gender gap. Thus, the White House and their media allies have ginned up a phony “war on women” — something Ann Romney can neutralize simply by showing up, and maybe already has.

To those of you thinking, “Aw, come on. The media’s not going to attack a candidate’s wife.”  You need to wake the hell up.

For Obama, a number of major news outlets defamed a private citizen as  racist with false information. For Obama, the media in full went after Rush Limbaugh for weeks over something he apologized for. For Obama, the media blamed the Tucson murders on Sarah Palin. For Obama, the media has covered up Fast and Furious, the Justice Department’s dropping of the New Black Panther case, and the lies in Obama’s re-election film. For Obama, the media lied to destroy and defame the everyday Americans who make up the Tea Party. For Obama, the media has declared racist anyone who dares disagree with Obama, or who use the term “food stamps” or the word “basketball.”

Long, long ago the craven and corrupt media sold their soul for this guy, and now they have nothing to lose.

Watch your back, Ms. Romney. The wolves are coming and they play for keeps.


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