NBC Head Steve Capus Ignore Network's 'Grand Wizard' Problem

NBC Head Steve Capus Ignore Network's 'Grand Wizard' Problem

Not that we needed another example, but once again we have one more NBC “star” telegraphing to the world the poisonous leadership style Steve Capus has brought to the NBC Network. 

Capus is the President of NBC News and MSNBC. According to the NBC/Universal Website, Capus is also the network’s “arbiter of issues involving ethics, style, standards, safety and other matters that affect the Division’s journalistic bearing.”

Which of course is pure nonsense.

At NBC News there simply are no standards or ethics, only an environment fostered by Capus that continually allows for the worst kind of divisive race-baiting we’ve seen in decades. And this cynical political maneuver, that’s become a part of NBC’s DNA and identity, is a purely partisan tactical move designed only to keep Obama’s base angry and eager to vote against the “Grand Wizards” in the Republican party.

Yesterday, on the increasing execrable “Hardball,” the increasingly hateful Chris Matthews became the latest member of NBC News to connect the term “Grand Wizard” to the Republican Party (see the video below). If you remember, back in November, David Gregory, host of “Meet the Press” did the same.

This is no accident. It’s the planting of seeds using both subtext and text.

Moreover, under Capus’ appalling leadership, three times in as many years, NBC News has been caught red-handed manipulating photos, video, and audio in order to craft an act of racism where none existed.

In two of those cases, there was no disciplinary action taken against the guilty party. In the instance of the George Zimmerman 911 audio, we’re told a producer was fired but haven’t yet been told his or her name. Which means this person could’ve been immediately rehired by NBC or another network. 

It’s also no accident that all three of NBC’s racial forgeries were used to either damage political threats to Obama (Rick Perry, Tea Party) or to aid and abet Obama’s racially-driven co-opting of the Trayvon Martin shooting to gin up his base in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Everything about NBC is leftist and toxic, because that’s exactly how Capus wants it.


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