Media Ignores Tomorrow's Occupy Threat, Obama Encourages Them

Media Ignores Tomorrow's Occupy Threat, Obama Encourages Them

Tomorrow is May 1, or May Day — the perfect day (and not just because it’s warm)  for Occupy to give their campaign to benefit Obama’s re-election by dividing this country along economic lines, one more go. It’s no accident that Obama laid out the welcome mat for these craven thugs today. But where is the news media to warn the public about what Occupy has promised will be a day of disruption, blockades, and the crippling of our economy through a General Strike? And why isn’t the media connecting Obama’s speech today as a “dog-whistle” of encouragement to those threatening a “day of action” tomorrow?

Check out the front pages of CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest, and (as of this writing) you’ll see nothing about this looming threat to our country. This dereliction of duty extends also to the cable news networks, which have barely given the story any attention at all.

This is an old refrain, but can you imagine that if, instead of the story being about Occupy Wall Street doing Obama’s bidding,  this was the Tea Party threatening to close bridges and cripple the American economy on behalf of Romney? Do you think under those circumstances the corrupt media might be screaming from the rooftops about a promised threat?

And the Tea Party doesn’t even have a track record of lawlessness, much less the lengthy rap sheet Occupy accumulated in just a few short months.   

During their initial “uprising,” and over the course of just around 70 days, Breitbart News documented 417 individual acts of violence, intimidation, sexual assault, perversion, vandalism, and other criminality attached to the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street movement. For months this craven, lawless, anti-Semitic, anti-America, anti-free market group of unwashed thugs terrorized countless cities and towns, and drained scarce resources, all in the name of wanting something for nothing.

Eventually, both cold weather and sunshine from New Media defeated Occupy, but as is the case with all things Leftist, that which fails never goes completely away. It just reconstitutes and returns to live and terrorize and vandalize and demonize another day.

The reason the media doesn’t want to warn us or talk about what might happen tomorrow is myriad. First, if Occupy fails tomorrow, the movement will become an even bigger laughingstock than it already is, which, of course, undermines its effectiveness in aiding Obama’s re-election. If, however, Occupy fizzles without a lot of media attention, it’s less damaged and can live to fight another day.

The second reason has to do with not wanting to give any exposure to the movement’s dark side. Obama’s Media Palace Guards are desperate to have us believe that Occupy is some kind of organic uprising buoyed by the fact that the rich don’t pay enough taxes or other such nonsense. In reality, though, a General Strike isn’t some touchy-feely drum circle; it’s designed to bring a country to its knees and blackmail the entire nation into giving in to the Left.

The media also doesn’t want the Occupy dots connected to the various left-wing factions supporting, organizing, funding and encouraging this lawlessness:

One is Anonymous itself, which has been weakened by recent arrests and FBI infiltration, but which remains a potent threat–not just to democracy in the U.S. but equally (and indiscriminately) to tyranny abroad, most recently the Syrian regime.

Another faction is the gentry left–the well-heeled, well-connected network that quietly shapes and promotes the message of the Occupy movement. That network–including Wall Street investors, trust-fund revolutionaries, Hollywood celebrities and plenty of Ivy League alumni–has thrown its weight behind a “General Strike” on May 1. Its goals are less political, and more cultural, focused on creating “space” for communitarian thinking.

Former White House “green jobs” czar (and 9/11 Truther) Van Jones represents what could be called the “community organizing” faction. Jones’s organization, Rebuild the Dream, is planning what it calls a “99% Spring,” and claims to have trained 100,000 activists in over nine hundred sites across the country. The goal is to “win change”–in other words, to create a left-wing pressure group as a counterweight to the Tea Party.

Finally, there is an overtly political faction, comprised of national consultancies such as Democracy Partners and left-wing non-profits such as Americans United for Change, that are attempting to harness the Occupy movement to elect and re-elect Democrats. The political faction works with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and also works with Van Jones’s organization to translate left-wing slogans into legislative proposals.

Maybe nothing will happen tomorrow, or maybe Van Jones does have 100,000 losers all Borg’d into his collective and ready to blockade, strike, rape, and pillage straight through to November.

Regardless, a movement with a very violent track record, endorsed and supported by some very powerful people and encouraged today by no less than the President of the United States, has threatened to do great damage to this country, and in order to protect this same movement (and Obama), the media’s all but ignoring it.