Politico Covers Up Obama Campaigns Alleged Attempt to Bribe Rev. Wright

Politico Covers Up Obama Campaigns Alleged Attempt to Bribe Rev. Wright

In a 1200 word feature piece titled “Race Issues Return with Rev. Wright,” written by Jonathan Martin and James Hohamann, MSNBC’s unofficial web-partners at Politico go into excruciating detail charting the return of Obama’s former pastor and 20-year mentor. Naturally, the article is all about race-race-race and racism-racism-racism, and how by some unholy act of MSM witchcraft Wright is a bigger problem for Romney than for the man who spent two decades at his knee.

What Politico glaringly chose to leave out of its in-depth and oh-so detailed reporting, though, is the primary reason Reverend Wright is back in the news, but one inconvenient to President Obama’s re-election chances:

According to Edward Klein in today’s New York Post, then-Senator Barack Obama’s political campaign tried, through back channels, to bribe Rev. Jeremiah Wright not to speak during the 2008 election cycle. The price: $150,000.

The bribery story broke just this week but, per the usual, not in the mainstream media — even though John Edwards is currently on trial for a similar allegation that was uncovered by outlets other than a corrupt MSM that refused to report on a story that might have hurt the election chances of another presidential candidate with a “D” after his name.  

You sensing a pattern here?

Not only is the media covering up Wright’s claim he was offered a bribe by the Obama campaign, there is no indication that anyone in the MSM is in any way following up on the story. The person who allegedly offered Wright the bribe is Eric Whitaker, a close friend of the President’s, whose Urban Health Initiative (UHI) at the University of Chicago Medical Center was recently awarded a $5.9 million grant from the Department of Health and Human Services.

There is so much “there” in this bribery story, so many unanswered questions, that the media is obviously scared to even pull a little on the thread for fear of how quickly it might all unravel. It’s the same with the story Breitbart News broke just yesterday regarding a lit agent’s bio that falsely claimed Obama was born in Kenya. You would think that after Elizabeth Warren’s “exotic” resume-enhancing we’d see some curiosity here.

But then again, it was New Media that exposed Warren while the corrupt media just stood there and felt the warmth creep into their cheeks.

Or maybe they’re just too busy looking into how Mitt Romney traveled with his dog a half-century ago while he was freaky Mormon capitalist in high school. 


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