Media Demands Hands Off Rev. Wright While Launching Assault On Mormonism

Media Demands Hands Off Rev. Wright While Launching Assault On Mormonism

Last week, the whole of the mainstream media launched a full frontal assault to intimidate a super PAC into laying off Barack Obama’s relationship with his creepy, racialist mentor/preacher of 20 years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The media also successfully pressured Mitt Romney into repudiating the super PAC plan. But while the corrupt media was putting Republicans and Romney on defense over what should be a political liability for Barack Obama, that very same media was and is beating Romney senseless with his Mormonism.

Guy Benson:

Here’s why David Axelrod can piously assure journalists that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is “off the table” for the Obama campaign this year: He knows the media and low level surrogates will cheerfully carry that toxic water on Team Obama’s behalf. The New York Times in particular seems to have an obsession with Romney’s faith, having printed a steady stream of news stories, juvenile tweets and sneering columns on the subject. Over the weekend, the Times published a 2,600 word examination of how Romney’s beliefs have shaped his personal and public life. Much of the story is straightforward and fair — even crossing into sympathetic territory at points, but it also includes passages that are sure to terrify the Times’ core audience of urbane secular leftists[.]

Ed Morrissey:

Go to the New York Times website and do a 12-month search for “Romney Mormon,” and see how many hits come back. I’ll end the suspense — “about 12,000 results,” according to the search I conducted earlier today. Now, do a search on “Obama Jeremiah” in the same time frame, and you’ll get 4,190 hits, which is more than I expected but only about a third of the Romney-Mormon search results. Actually, the same search only turns up 4,330 hits since 1851, which means that before mid-2011 the Times only had less than 200 hits for that search item.

Breitbart News:

The 1300 word story is by and goes into great detail to not only discuss the infamous 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, where a wagon train of Arkansas settlers were butchered at the hands of a Mormon militia, but also to talk about how Arkansas evangelicals and Christians in general might hold Romney’s faith against him.

This is a helluva scam the media has going here. While on the one hand it works in tandem with the Obama campaign to ensure that a full vetting of Rev. Wright never happens, you know, because religion is off the table — with the other hand, the very same media is screaming scary, freaky, racist, polygamous Mormon! at the top of its lungs.

Moreover, the media’s not only bullying private citizens into ignoring Wright; the media is also ignoring Wright’s recent allegations that he was offered a bribe by the Obama campaign.


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