Washington Post Reminds Evangelicals to Hate Romney's Mormonism

Washington Post Reminds Evangelicals to Hate Romney's Mormonism

The same corrupt Washington Post that in 2008 only wrote two in-depth examinations of Barack Obama’s background, both of them hagiographies, and then spent the better part of a week earlier this month using bad journalism to vet Romney’s high school days a full half-century ago, has now run this headline:

Mitt Romney’s Mormon Faith Tangles With a Quirk of Arkansas History

The 1300 word story is by  and goes into great detail to not only discuss the infamous 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre, where a wagon train of Arkansas settlers were butchered at the hands of a Mormon militia, but also to talk about how Arkansas evangelicals and Christians in general might hold Romney’s faith against him.

As far as its newsworthiness, the piece is as worthless as it is pointless. The Post’s agenda, however, is obvious and grotesque: to remind evangelicals of why they shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney. The bigoted Post is attempting to play on the perceived bigotry of Christians in the hopes it will suppress turnout come November.

The “othering” of Mitt Romney is in full bloom.

The Post’s real contempt for evangelicals can be found in this revolting sentence:

Some here also are skeptical of the president’s faith, believing their choice this fall is between a Mormon and a Muslim (Obama has repeatedly affirmed his Christian faith).

Naturally, if the President’s faith makes you skeptical of him, it can only have to do with the fact that you believe he’s a Muslim and not the fact that he spent 20 years at the knee of a racist demagogue who used his pulpit to scream a request that God damn America. 

The Post is now so ridiculous and desperate that they will vet Romney’s religion all the way back to 1857, but dismiss the possibility that a sitting President of the United States might have gone full-Elizabeth Warren on his biography as recently as 2007, or that his campaign allegedly bribed Rev. Wright to keep his mouth shut. 


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