Jesse Jackson Confirms NYT Launched 'Pre-Emptive Strike' On Anti-Obama Super PAC

Jesse Jackson Confirms NYT Launched 'Pre-Emptive Strike' On Anti-Obama Super PAC

Late last week, in two separate Breitbart News’ pieces (here and here), I openly accused the New York Times and its many mainstream media toadies of launching a coordinated attack of intimidation against Joe Ricketts, a wealthy Chicago businessman and private citizen whose super PAC had received a proposal to wage a multi-million dollar advertising campaign linking President Obama to his 20 year mentor/pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Today, in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times, Jesse Jackson has confirmed my allegations: [emphasis added]

Jackson said he met privately with the Cubs chairman after a New York Times story about the anti-Obama campaign prompted Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ignore an apologetic phone call from Tom Ricketts.

“He is on a very different page from his father. His father is an avowed right-winger. He has a different disposition,” Jackson Sr. said.

“I believe his father was very much involved in it and did condone it. The New York Times did a pre-emptive strike. But, I’m not holding it against his son. Tom has been fair and open. Ever since he’s owned the Cubs, he’s been reaching out.”

You’re damn right it was a “pre-emptive strike,” and not one launched from the Obama campaign or the DNC, but from a supposed news organization and the whole of the MSM that, in a coordinated crusade, locked arms and blew this  story up in order to successfully pressure a private citizen and Mitt Romney into repudiating the vetting of Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright.  

Yes, Virginia, there is still a JournOlist, and the proof is this effective piece of journOlism.

How else to explain dozens of disparate newsrooms and hundreds of so-called journalists jumping on the exact same bandwagon at the exact same time to lead with the exact same story with the use of the exact same narrative?

While with one hand the media launches these campaigns to intimidate private citizens into not criticizing Their Precious One, and on the other hand the same media savages Mormonism, reads Romney’s “homophobic” high school mind from a half-century ago, and vets Ann Romney’s horses — the media is also working and plotting and planning together in obvious coordination with the Obama campaign to protect Barack Obama from free political speech that might harm his reelection chances.

The attack on Joe Ricketts was thuggery, pure this:

That’s a nice business you got there. Would be a shame if anything happened to it.

And in today’s story featuring Jesse Jackson’s Freudian slip, we learn that this media/Obama coordinated bullying has extended all the way to Ricketts’ son:

Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts is reaching out to black politicians and community leaders to try and control the political damage caused by his father’s involvement in a conservative super PAC that considered attacking President Barack Obama by using the fiery sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Ricketts’ explanation to the City Council’s 19 black aldermen and to the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. is similar to what the Cubs chairman told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Neither he nor any member of the Ricketts family would condone “racially-insensitive” attack ads against Obama. And the proposed ad campaign — since disavowed by family patriarch Joe Ricketts — should not stand in the way of an elusive, $300 million plan to renovate Wrigley Field.

The bigger picture is the message Obama’s Media Palace Guards are sending out the entire super PAC world: What happened to Ricketts can happen to you.  

Obama’s media sycophants, like those at BuzzFeed Politics and Politico, keep telling us that Wright can only hurt Romney in 2008, and yet these very same sycophants couldn’t wait to join the editorial collective to “thug” Mr. Ricketts into submission.

The media is terrified of these super PACs and furious that a Supreme Court decision upended their monopoly on The Narrative. No longer is the corrupt media the only corporate-backed entity allowed to use unlimited resources to get their candidate elected. Today, every corporation enjoys the same free speech rights as NBC News, The New York Times, and the rest.  

The media is desperate to reelect Barack Obama and until the Supreme Court upset their plans by deciding in favor of the First Amendment to the Constitution, they were certain that all they had to do was to rerun the 2008 playbook, in which they would dominate The Narrative to win Obama his second term. Fortunately for America and those of us interested in truth, super PACs will now compete for The Narrative, and the corrupt media is left  with un-American, neo-fascist campaigns like the Ricketts’ assault to stop them.  

But this isn’t going to work every time. The only reason the Times was able to launch this pre-emptive strike was due to the Wright proposal being leaked to them.

The media will, however, grow more desperate, especially now that we know the Obama super PACs are lagging well behind the Romney ones in fundraising.

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