Today's Media Narrative: Obama the All-American Hero, Romney the Elitist Extremist

Today's Media Narrative: Obama the All-American Hero, Romney the Elitist Extremist

After a fairly quiet Memorial Day weekend, the media obviously took a little time last night to get its Journolisting message together for this morning so it would be ready when America emerged on Tuesday. The New York Times, which is the primary deliverer of White House talking points to the corrupt media, is leading the charge today with this story about what a brave and solid leader Obama has been in the War on Terror. As you can see. this story has already been viralized into today’s narrative.

On the flip-side is Mitt Romney, who will today face the obvious journolisted messaging tying him to Donald Trump, who is still making noises about the discredited conspiracy surrounding Obama’s place of birth. CNN has already reported that Romney won’t “back away from ‘birther’ Trump.”  Much of the media are already running with the story.

And naturally, the White House is right there in the mix, coordinating with the media on this messaging.

The First Lady and potential First Lady aren’t immune from the journolisting either. Sunday, the New York Times  did a major spread on what a rich, wealthy, elitist cheater Ann Romney is — a story that is just now making its way into the narrative. Then today, on the front page of the USA Today, we read all about multi-millionaire Michelle Obama’s garden, which includes ready-made, all-American photos — and, naturally, this story is already a viral sensation.

The White House wants to paint Mitt and Ann Romney as elitist extremists out of touch with everyday Americans and too toxic for independent voters. Thus, we get the one-two narrative punch of Ann Romney’s equestrian hobby and Mitt Romney’s association with Donald “The Birther” Trump.

The White House also wants to focus on Obama’s “strong, decisive foreign policy” and to portray the Obamas as the wholesome, all-American family no one would ever want to boot from the White House. Thus, we get a front page New York Times’ story about Barack Obama’s foreign policy leadership on the same day the USA Today launches a PR campaign around Michelle Obama’s wholesome, all-American gardening skills.

This is all about the media wanting to knock Romney off message and to distract from issues like Obama’s failed economic policies.  It’s also about the media being perfectly in line with the Obama campaign’s reelection messaging.

And it’s only May.


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