WaPo, White House Coordinate Attack on Romney's Record as Governor

WaPo, White House Coordinate Attack on Romney's Record as Governor

It looks to me as though the White House and the Washington Post have finally decided to stop trying to hide their coordinated political hits on presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney. If you look at the Post’s front page today, you’ll see what can only be the wildest of coincidences in the history of politics:

But I guess we’re supposed to believe that this is nothing more than left-wing stars aligning — that the Post spent days and even weeks putting together a 2300-plus word article critical of Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts, an article that just happened to land on the Post’s front page the very same day David Axelrod planned to roll out a big, splashy, attention-getting attack strategy critical of — you guessed it — Romney’s record as  governor of Massachusetts.

It’s important to remember that this is the second time in only three weeks these very same left-wing stars have aligned for the corrupt Washington Post and the Obama reelection campaign. It was just 20 days ago that, purely by coincidence, within hours of Obama’s decision to stop lying about his position on same-sex marriage, the Post dropped a major front page feature story detailing a half-century old incident involving Romney’s supposed high school bullying of a supposed gay classmate. It was an extraordinary act of mind-reading on the Post’s part, wherein they somehow found a wayback machine capable of reading a teen-aged Romney’s mind and homophobic intent.

This is obviously how the media intends to win this election for Barack Obama. Earlier this week, in what can in no way be a coincidence, the whole of the MSM coordinated a mass attack on Romney’s relationship with Donald Trump. The week prior, the whole of the media coordinated an attack on a private citizen’s super PAC and by extension his and his family’s businesses.

Journolist is alive and well. And it looks now as though our media overlords have invited the White House to join in on their corrupt reindeer games.  

Gee, I wonder why the corrupt Washington Post is on the financial ropes?


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