MSM Quotes Wildly Flawed WI Exit Polls To Spin For Obama

You should’ve seen the MSM last night on Twitter. I make it a point to follow several of these folks in order to keep an eye on them, and the Wisconsin exit polls, released just after the state’s polls closed at 8pm CT, showed the recall race between Republican Governor Scott Walker and his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, tied at 50/50.

And was the corrupt media giddy?

Oh yes they were.

Not only was the MSM giddy over the idea Walker might lose, but they then drip-drip-dripped all the internal numbers that spelled gloom and doom for our side. But the number the media was most excited to share was that exit polls showed Obama beating Romney in Wisconsin by seven points.  ABC News says nine:

Wisconsin voters by 52-43 percent said they’d support Obama over Romney if the election were today, the ABC News exit poll found, by 43-37 percent picked Obama to do a better job than Romney handling the economy and by 47-36 percent preferred the president on “helping the middle class.”

Yes, the media is still quoting exit polls that couldn’t even get the main event correct.

The results between Walker and Barrett aren’t 50/50. It wasn’t even close. Walker trounced Barrett by an even wider margin than when they squared off in 2010:  Seven points instead of six.

And yet, as of this morning, the media is quoting exit polls that were a full seven points off in favor of the Democrat as good news because they show a seven to nine point lead for Democrat Barack Obama.

The media will tell you that the exit polls have been adjusted since they were first released, but adjusted crap  is still crap.

You see what they’re doing here?

2012 will hinge on turnout, especially in swing states such as Wisconsin, and the media doesn’t want the supporters of Their Precious One demoralized.

What was fun last night, though, and what makes having to follow all these media types on Twitter worth it, was watching them melt into sadness as the realization quickly hit that the exit polls were horribly wrong.

As the only poll the corrupt MSM can’t manipulate (the actual votes) came in, you could actually see the media’s Twitter avatars look sadder and sadder. Just as lousy exit polls had made John F’n. Kerry president for a single afternoon in 2004, once again they had given the MSM so much hope, only to dash it cruelly against the actual results.

If the media wants to continue to attempt to fool us and themselves with discredited exit polls, I look forward to watching this again on an operatic scale come November.

Side note: Why does the media pay for exit polls, anyway? Why not forget them and just make it a policy to lie to the public after the polls close about how bad it looks for the Republican? Same effect, but cheaper, right?

The media is going bankrupt and this seems like the perfect place to cut corners.

ADDED: The great Michael Barone weighs in:

But if you think the exit poll was 4% too Democratic–and that’s in line with exit poll discrepancies with actual vote results over the last decade, as documented by the exit poll pioneer, the late Warren Mitofsky*–that result looks more like 49%-47% Romney. Or assume the remaining Milwaukee County precincts whittle Republican Governor Scott Walker’s margin over Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to 53%-47%, which looks likely, the Obama-Romney numbers would look like 48%-48%.


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