Sheldon Adelson and the Top 5 Super PAC Facts the Media Covers Up

Now that billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson (pictured) and his wife Miriam have donated $10 million to Restoring Our Future, a pro-Romney super PAC, and are promising up to a hundred million more, the media is in the early stages of yet another politically-orchestrated and completely phony freak-out.

Yes, suddenly, the very same media, that during 2008 had no qualms whatsoever about the hundreds of millions of dollars in union money spent to elect Obama, are suddenly all hand-wringy over “outside money and influence” on presidential elections.

The corrupt media calls the bogeyman “Citizens United,” and earlier this week I laid out the reasons why the MSM so loathes these super PACs

Today, I give you five facts the media covers up about super PACs:

1. Just like a campaign, Super PACs are required to publicly disclose any donor who contributes any amount over $200.

2. You wouldn’t know it from the media coverage, but… Yes, Virginia, there are pro-Obama super PACs currently hitting Romney and they’re also allowed to legally level the playing field by finding their own Sheldon Adelson.

3. A majority of super PAC money comes from individual donations, not corporations.

4. Super PACs are allowed to accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations and, yes, unions.

5. Other than transparency, there is absolutely no difference between a media company and a super PAC. Super PACs use unlimited funds from individuals and corporations to openly push a political agenda. Media companies like CNN, the Washington Post, Politico, Comedy Central, and NBC, also use unlimited funds to push a political agenda — only they lie about their motives.

Oh, and let me add a sixth…

6. Using this non-profit and that foundation, George Soros has likely contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist causes throughout the last few years, but the corrupt media has never made him as famous as Adleson and Joe Ricketts, have they?

This media-driven push against super PACs is something much worse than a partisan campaign to aid Obama’s re-election (though it most certainly is that). Above all, it is the media fighting to limit that most sacred of American rights, unlimited political speech.

The corrupt media wants this terrain all to itself — wants to be the only player in town allowed to use unlimited funds to push a political agenda. And they will do anything to retain this unholy monopoly, up to and including lying and coordinating attacks meant to bully and blackmail private citizens.

If I had billions of dollars like Adelson, I’d use my God-given Constitutional right and every penny I had to retire President Obama.

Moreover, I would also consider it my patriotic duty to use my wealth to purchase every mainstream media outlet in America, fire EVERYONE (with a handful of notable exceptions), and then (with the proper permits, of course) burn it all to the ground on pay-per-view — where you can bet I’d make all that money back and then some.   

The media is the most corrupted institution allowed to operate legally in this great country of ours. And anything that diminishes, competes with, undermines, or puts them out of business is the Lord’s work.

God bless America.

God bless the First Amendment (that does not come with an asterisk)

God bless the super PAC.  


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