Wawagate: MSNBC/Andrea Mitchell Smear Romney With Edited Video

Once again the left-wing media edits a video to misrepresent what a Republican is saying to make him look like an idiot.

This time, MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell edited the context right out of a June 18 video of Mitt Romney talking about eastern U.S. chain restaurant Wawa’s in order to make it seem as if he was out of touch with reg’lr Americans.

Mitchell likened her heavily edited video to President George H.W. Bush’s “grocery scanner moment.” During the president’s 1992 re-election campaign, he was portrayed by the Old Media as never having seen a price scanner at a grocery store (though this characterization was untrue). The media used that moment to smear Bush as an out of touch elitist who couldn’t understand the common man. Mitchell used her dishonest video to promulgate the same smear against Romney.

MSNBC edited out all the things that Romney said in connection with Wawa’s in order to make Romney appear to be a person who was “amazed” by the touchscreen technology used to order food at the Wawa restaurant. MSNBC portrayed Romney as someone who had never seen such technology-systems with which regular Americans throughout the east coast are well familiar. The clear message was: Romney is an elitist.

But the truth is that Romney wasn’t saying he was amazed at the technology as if he’d never seen it before at all. Romney’s real point was that the technology was an example of the private sector competing and making all our lives better. He then noted that government isn’t innovative like Wawa and its touchscreen ordering system.

The way MSNBC and Mitchell portrayed Romney was nothing like what he actually said and meant. The left wing cabler simply edited out everything around his mentions of Wawa’s sandwich shops in order to smear him. MSNBC lied.

Interestingly, not all members of the left media seemed to be as interested in pushing the false narrative as Mitchell is. Former MSNBC host David Schuster took to his Twitter account to praise a conservative blogger for exposing MSNBCs hatchet job. Obviously Mr. Schuster was tickled to be able to take a shot at his former employer, but let’s give credit where credit is due.


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