ABC Reporter Engaged to Obama Press Sec. Delivers Anti-Romney Talking Points

ABC Reporter Engaged to Obama Press Sec. Delivers Anti-Romney Talking Points

Last Friday, Barack Obama violated his oath of office by proudly announcing he would no longer enforce the law and deport somewhere around a million Mexican illegals. This act was nothing more than a power grab/political stunt, and the result was cheers from the President’s Media Palace Guards. Boxed in, or so the corrupt media thought, all eyes turned to presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who wisely chose not to play.

The left-wing media (but I repeat myself) was and is not happy about this, and throughout the week all they’ve done is crybaby over the fact that Romney kept talking about Obama’s failed economic policies instead of engaging in the racial identity trap the White House, in coordination with the media, had worked so hard to set up for him.

Today, the corrupt media is pretty sure they’ve got Romney exactly where they want him. The former Massachusetts Governor is scheduled to speak before the annual conference held by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials and is expected to talk immigration, specifically Obama’s power grab.

A large part of winning the political game comes from managing and shaping the expectations surrounding your opponent. Frequently, one party will do this to another in order to gain some sort of political advantage. The idea is to create a tripwire of sorts. And we all know that it is obviously in Obama’s best interest that a ton of attention be placed upon Romney’s immigration remarks today, because Team Obama, along with their media pals, are desperate to change the subject from a failed economy to divisive social issues.

Well, in order to help Obama out, this is the absolutely outrageous headline ABC News ran this morning:

Reform Advocates Say Fate of Romney’s Candidacy ‘Could Hang in the Balance’ With Thursday Speech to Latinos

Yes, you read that right…. FATE OF ROMNEY’S CANDIDACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick, run around with your arms flailing in the air as though Godzilla’s coming, because the fate of the nation hangs on this single speech!

Well, I don’t know about you, but if I came across that headline in one of those obnoxious emails the Obama campaign sends me about three times a day, I would’ve fallen out of my chair laughing. But this is ABC News exploding and managing expectations for Obama as though ABC News were Obama’s Press Secretary.

Can I please get a record scratch?

Thank you.

Pay close attention to the following:

Nothing up this sleeve.

And nothing up this sleeve.


The author of this ABC News disgrace is Matthew Jaffe.

Matthew Jaffe is engaged to be married to Katie Hogan.

Katie Hogan is Deputy Press Secretary to none other than….

President Barack Obama:

At least four marriages came out of the 2008 Barack Obama campaign, including next month’s wedding of the President’s deputy press secretary, Katie Hogan, to ABC reporter Matt Jaffe. “Dozens of relationships were formed over late-night pizza and a belief in the possibility of a historic campaign,” says Jen Psaki, 33, former White House deputy communications director. Could Mitt Romney’s campaign spur a 2012 bonanza?

Yes, when referring to the formation of a wonderful love affair between an ABC News reporter and a White House Deputy Press Secretary, we’re told:

Dozens of relationships were formed over late-night pizza and a belief in the possibility of a historic campaign[.]

Corruption … how romantic.

I won’t link to it, but purely by accident I came across Matt and Katie’s gift registry. Guess I’m going to have to get them the Namb Tri-Corner Bow for $150.00. Because nowhere do I see the opportunity to purchase either of them an ethical implant.


You can’t make this stuff up, my friends.  


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