Eric Holder Cries To The Washington Post

Eric Holder Cries To The Washington Post

Attorney General Eric Holder is in big trouble! So once again the Old Media must swoop in to the rescue. First it was Charlie Savage at the New York Times back in December. Tonight it is Sari Horwitz at the Washington Post.

Last Thursday the House of Representatives found Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress. He has not turned over subpoenaed documents pertaining to Operation Fast & Furious, a gunwalking operation that put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Those guns are linked to the deaths of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans, including a brother of a Mexican state attorney general. Guns have been found at twelve crime scenes across America. We still don’t have any idea where 1,400 guns are.

But that doesn’t matter to Ms. Horwitz. It’s awful how Congress is treating poor Mr. Holder. There’s no mention of the actual victims of Fast & Furious.

Ms. Horwitz allows Mr. Holder to play victim and doesn’t even bother to counter his “arguments” with the actual facts of the case. Mr. Holder claims he has done everything Oversight Committee Chairman Issa has asked. There’s just one teeny tiny problem.

He hasn’t. They managed to trim down the demand of documents to just 1,300 and, even though Mr. Holder agreed to turn them over, he didn’t. Instead he went crying to his boss, President Obama, who immediately invoked executive privilege.

The Oversight Committee want answers to the most basic questions. Who thought of Fast & Furious? Who approved it? How far up did it go on the command chain?

Also, why hasn’t anyone within the DOJ been held accountable? Everyone attached either still has a job, was allowed to quietly resign, or has been promoted.

As much as Mr. Holder would like to make this about himself, it’s not. He’s not the victim. The victims are Agent Terry and the dead Mexicans. They deserve justice. Their families and friends deserve answers. That is why the Oversight Committee is demanding answers.

Mr. Holder insults our intelligence when calls himself “a proxy for the president in an election year” and we would have to be “exceedingly naïve to think the vote was about….documents.”

Fact: The DOJ forced this into an election year. If they had cooperated from the beginning, this would have been over with this time last year. It has everything to do with documents and finding answers to Fast & Furious.

The media is supposed to keep the government on its toes. The media is supposed to inform the public. Unfortunately, this media is going out of its way to protect this administration, even when dead bodies surround them.

They may have forgotten Agent Terry and the dead Mexicans, but we didn’t and we won’t.


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