Politico Leads With Romney Smear Its Own Reporter Admits Is Retaliation, Old News

Politico Leads With Romney Smear Its Own Reporter Admits Is Retaliation, Old News

As of right now, the corrupt Politico is leading with the Boston Globe’s Bain smear against Mitt Romney, wherein the Globe recycles old news as a new blockbuster-attack against the former Massachusetts Governor. This is especially ironic when you learn that one-time reporters from the Globe acknowledge Romney left Bain in 1999 — for which they now criticize him.

In another fit of irony, we now have current Politico reporters, in this case Maggie Haberman, inadvertently admitting that the lead story on her own publication is old news and an act of media retaliation against Romney: 

What else could Haberman possibly mean when she says the, “Romneyland strategy of trying to kill stories … can backfire.”

Well, the only place where backfires occurred thus far is within the media. And is it the media’s job to make a politician pay a price for pushing back against false stories?

Only when the politician in question is a threat to Barack Obama.

Obviously the media is bitter and angry that Romney would dare expose their outsourcing narrative as a lie. Moreover, the media’s probably even angrier that Romney turned the argument around and blasted Obama as an outsourcer yesterday — a charge that even the Washington Post had to admit was “likely.”

This is what the media does to Republicans who dare fight back and expose their lies — as payback, it repackages old nothingburgers into something that looks scandalous.

No doubt, Haberman probably thought she was looking all insider-insider firing off this tweet. But what her tweet really says about the media and especially about Politico speaks volumes.


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