CNN: Obama Camp's Bain Push 'Doesn't Appear To Be True'

CNN: Obama Camp's Bain Push 'Doesn't Appear To Be True'

This piece of video came to us from The Barricuda Brigade and is well worth a look. Anderson Cooper, John King and David Gergen report on the Obama campaign’s shameful and desperate behavior with respect to Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in about as honest a way as you could hope for. The meaty part begins at the 2:30 mark:

Yesterday, based on proven falsehoods, the Obama campaign floated the idea that Mitt Romney might be a “felon.”

That is appalling behavior coming from a sitting United States President and, had Romney done the same to Obama, the media would’ve created a perfect storm demanding he either back it up or walk it back — and rightfully so.

Obama’s entire Bain spree has been nothing but lies and irresponsible, outrageous charges. Negative campaigning is one thing; lying and hurling words like “felony” is something completely different. That the media will not hold Obama accountable for this reprehensible behavior is as much a black mark on them as it is on Obama.

We saw a glimmer of hope for some accountability on CNN last night, but the question is: will CNN push a matter that demands to be pushed?


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