2008 Media Playbook Returns! Criticism of Obama 'Racist,' 'Dangerous'

2008 Media Playbook Returns! Criticism of Obama 'Racist,' 'Dangerous'

According to a number of independent media fact-checkers, for the last few weeks, Obama and his campaign crew have not only suggested Mitt Romney might be a felon, but their attacks have been based on lies. And yet, because the media refuses to make Obama pay a price for these lies, the attacks continue to this day.

Finally fed up, the Romney campaign went on offense yesterday, ripping Obama for crony capitalism, Fast and Furious, and Obama’s own past which includes admitted cocaine use, his association with more felons and notorious characters that can be counted on both hands, and a shady land deal worked out with convicted felon Tony Rezko that won the Obamas their swank Chicago home for $300,000 below the asking price.

For weeks now — even though the corrupt media has admitted Obama is lying in his attacks — all the corrupt media has done is report on how effective these dishonest attacks are. And now that Romney’s fighting back, using rules created by Obama himself, we’re seeing the corrupt media whip out The 2008 JournOlist Playbook once again to declare valid criticism of Obama as “racist”  and “dangerous.”  

From yesterday — a taste of what you can bet we’re going to see more of:

Glen Johnson in The Boston Globe (this was also tweeted out by Politico’s Maggie Haberman — you remember her):

Candidates’ attacks on Obama border on dangerous territory …

It is dangerous territory when running against the nation’s first black president, someone who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia and still faces questions from “birthers” about whether he was born in the United States or his father’s native Kenya.

Michael Landsberg in the Los Angeles Times:

Romney campaign’s attacks on Obama play on ‘birther’ fears

In remarks that played on debunked assertions about President Obama’s birthplace, Mitt Romney on Tuesday said that the current administration resembled foreign governments and one of his chief surrogates said the president needed to “learn how to be an American.” …

Standing before hundreds of supporters in a sweltering oil and natural gas services company outside Pittsburgh, Romney compared Obama’s administration to those in foreign lands where the well-connected receive government handouts while the middle-class suffers.

“That’s happening in this country today. I’m ashamed to say we’re seeing the president hand out money to the businesses of his campaign contributors,” Romney said as he stood in front of a large sign that read, “Obama’s Upside-Down Economy.”

MSNBC was screaming “birtherism” all day yesterday.

You can bet that this is just the beginning, especially if Obama begins to look like more of a loser than he already does.  

By screaming racism (which is what “birther” really means) and claiming perfectly valid criticism of Obama is “dangerous,” this is how the media protects Obama from effective criticism and spins that criticism around into an attack against Republicans.

In 2008, using this partisan tactic, the media was able to intimidate and cow John McCain into submission. In fact, when Sarah Palin started hitting Obama for his relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, out of whole cloth the media made up the charge that someone at a Palin rally screamed, “Kill him!,” in reference to Obama.

You see, this is how the corrupt media attempts to  snuff out criticism Obama can’t weather. If they can’t call the criticism racist they call it dangerous. And if they have to, the media will simply create a narrative based on what they know is a lie.

The corrupt media refuses to vet Obama, because they know that if they did, he would lose. This means that they must also stop Republicans from discussing Obama’s past by any means necessary. And this includes bullying Obama’s critics by declaring their criticism “racist” and “dangerous.”

Hopefully, Mitt Romney learned a thing or two watching what happened to McCain and will keep on keeping on.


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