Five Ways @RomneyResponse Can Effectively Fight the Media

Five Ways @RomneyResponse Can Effectively Fight the Media

In the almost four years I’ve worked for Breitbart News, I’ve consistently averaged about 125 posts a month, but because I went to public schools, I can’t tell you how many posts that totals up to. My guess is that it’s a lot. What I have never done in a single one of these posts, though, is to offer anyone unsolicited advice. I once ran a campaign and got shellacked; so who am I to give election advice? I once made a film and it sucked; so who am I to give creative advice?

Today, though, I’m going to break this rule and offer the best advice I can to the Romney campaign with respect to their new @RomneyResponse Twitter feed and  Tumblr page. We’re told that both of these social media tools were set up within the last 24 hours to pushback against a media so desperate to see Obama reelected that yesterday they defiled Poland’s war dead to openly heckle and taunt Romney.

So yes, Romney has a major problem on his hands, but the good news is that he seems to realize it. Hopefully, this latest move with @RomneyResponse is a sincere effort to aggressively fight back against his most venomous and dishonest opponent, the mainstream media, because removing Obama can’t be done without first getting past Obama’s Media Palace Guards.  

In my ever so humble opinion, in order for @RomneyResponse to work, the Romney campaign is going to have to be aggressive and on top of absolutely everything media. So here are my “Top 5 Unsolicited Suggestions To Use @RomneyResponse To Whip the Corrupt Media’s Corrupt Butt.”

1. The over-arching goal of @RomneyResponse (RR) should be to mobilize the armies of New Media and Social Media. Through Facebook, Twitter and blogs, there are literally millions of Republicans eager and ready to go to battle with the corrupt media. RR needs to (quickly) earn its place as a leader in this army by offering material, guidance, ideas, truth, and a fearless fighting spirit (a sense of humor wouldn’t hurt, either).

2. Whoever staffs RR needs to understand how media works, get up around four a.m. to read and watch those in the corrupt media who set the day’s narratives, and identify what those narratives will be. And…

The first RR Tweets of the day should always be RR’s prediction of that day’s coming narratives.

Doing this will literally alert millions and offer direction as to where that day’s battle with the media will take place.  

For instance, it was easy to spot that today’s narratives were going to be the juiced swing-state polls from Quinnipiac and a bogus tax study Obama and his media minions would dishonestly claim is nonpartisan.

The sooner your army knows what’s coming, the sooner they can start swinging back with the truth. And the sooner you’re swinging, the less it looks like you’re on defense.

This is all about being proactive.

3. The second Tweets of the day should be RR’s predictions of the news damaging to Obama the corrupt media will cover up. This was also easy to spot today. There was no question Gallup’s new swing-state polls and manufacturing contracting for the second month in a row would get buried in whatever distractions the corrupt media could come up with.  

And again, the sooner your army is aware of this, the sooner you can mobilize them to push the truth out through a new/social media counter-narrative.

4. Name names. In a good-natured, professional, but aggressive way, RR should directly and publicly challenge media outlets and  “journalists” who get their facts wrong and cover up bad news for Obama. Let them know you know and let them know you are letting the world know by challenging them openly.

Throughout the day. focus on this. Point to the bias and call it by name. Solicit tips. Have fun.

5. Reward your army with links and retweets. Once you flood the zone with your predicted narratives, cover ups, and challenges for the day, throw some love to those online who help you get the truth out. This can start a snowball effect that spreads the truth far and wide.


The idea behind all of this is not to change the behavior of the corrupt media. This will never happen and the sooner we all realize that, the closer we are to winning the election.

It’s just a fact that the media is just another branch of the DNC. You might as well try shaming or convincing Debbie Wasserman Schultz into being objective and honest. It’s just not going to happen. And if the media screaming taunts and heckling Romney on sacred ground in Poland doesn’t convince you of that, nothing will.

To hell with  the corrupt media.

Forget about them.

What you want to do is to get the truth out there with counter-narratives created by millions of online soldiers eager to do battle.

This should be the goal of @RomneyResponse.

But that’s just my opinion.  


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