No Matter Who Romney Picks for Veep, Media Will Hate

No Matter Who Romney Picks for Veep, Media Will Hate

This is as automatic as the debt-ceiling growing under Barack Obama. The media will hate Romney’s choice for Vice President. 

It does not matter whom Mitt Romney chooses; this person will be hated, despised, and compared to Sarah Palin. There will be no comparisons to the nut-job, gaffe machine Joe Biden, because the media loves him and finds his foolishness endearing. “Someone get that VP a puppy.” 

The media has failed miserably at “cracking” Romney, so the Veep will be the new target. Make no doubt about it. It is already happening. 

“The return of Mitt Romney back home after something of a rocky overseas trip, so will the announcement of a potential running-mate heal the damage?” asked Josh Harris on ABC’s Good Morning America. Rocky? Damage? Do you believe that Josh, or did you just read the prompter? Who wrote that? Let me answer that question for you….as far as the media is concerned, the VP choice will only increase the “damage,” because all the media knows is damage when it comes to Republican candidates. 

CNN has already declared a “safe choice a mistake.” There you have it. By the way, with the Activist Old Media, there is no “safe” choice here for Romney. 

This reminds me of an experience I had as a young boy. Like most kids, we played football in the street (run a hook pattern near the Buick.) An adult who lived on the street yelled at us, because he thought we would get hit by a car. Of course, we ignored him, laughed at him, and gave him a politically incorrect name: Insane Wayne (hey, we were kids; don’t judge us.)   One day Wayne got in his car and halfheartedly tried to run us down so that his prediction might come true. There was no danger, but Wayne wanted so badly for his template to play itself out, that he took action to make it come to fruition. I think of this experience as I watch the Activist Old Media.

First, they create a story line. In this case, they are already talking of “damage,” and the Palin comparisons are everywhere. I’m guessing the graphics have already been made of Palin and Kelly Ayotte to use if Romney chooses her.  Insane Wayne. The warning has been made by the media, and after Romney makes his decision, they will get in their car and try to run the VP choice down. Like Wayne, they will fail. 


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