AP: 'Stronger Job Creation Could Help Obama's Re-election'

AP: 'Stronger Job Creation Could Help Obama's Re-election'

That headline is not made up, it comes from a quote from the very same Associated Press that just last week completely fabricated Mitt Romney’s Palestinian ‘gaffe’. Today the AP is spinning a rise in unemployment and a measly 165,000 jobs created as the kind of “stronger job creation” that could win Their Precious One reelection.

The writer of this nonsense is Christopher S. Rugaber and the shilling is nothing more than propaganda. Rugaber not only wrist-flicks the second uptick in unemployment in just a few month, he tries to pretend the increase is statistically meaningless.

Emphasis mine:

Stronger job creation could help President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes. Still, the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent since his first month in office — the longest stretch on record. No president since World War II has faced re-election with unemployment over 8 percent. …

The government uses two surveys to measure employment. A survey of businesses showed job gains. The unemployment rate comes from a survey of households, which showed fewer people had jobs. Economists say the business survey is more reliable.

Not that any of this surprises me, but watching the media hit new low after new low is nonetheless amusing.

In my lifetime, this is without a doubt the first time the media has ever celebrated a rise in the unemployment rate as a good thing.

Drudge was the first to find this AP story and includes the rare comment on his site:


Reuters: Labor market slowed sharply after strong gains in winter, spelling trouble for Obama…

AP: Stronger job creation could help Obama’s re-election hopes…

And it’s only August.


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