Touré Invokes Nazi Term 'Niggardize' To Demonize Romney

Touré Invokes Nazi Term 'Niggardize' To Demonize Romney

When Touré took to the airwaves of MSNBC earlier this evening to announce that Mitt Romney was engaging in the “niggerization” of Barack Obama, he was using an old Nazi term. “Niggerization,” as it turns out, is a notorious Nazi word referring to the supposed degeneration of art and music. The term in German is “Verniggerung.” It was closely associated with the notion of Jews degrading culture – “Verjudung,” or “Jewification.”

Here’s Hitler on the topic in Mein Kampf:

…in a bastardized and niggardized world all the concepts of the humanly beautiful and sublime, as well as all ideas of an idealized future of our humanity, would be lost forever.

In other words, Touré is accusing Romney of using Nazi tactics to brand Obama.

Conservatives have been predicting for weeks that after calling Mitt Romney a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a felon, and a murderer, the left had nowhere left to go except to compare him to Hitler. We figured it might take months before Obama’s allies went there. Instead, in their desperation to fight the Romney-Ryan momentum swing, it took hours.

According to Godwin’s Law, as discussions continue, it becomes almost inevitable that someone will pull the Hitler card. Godwin’s Law also implies that the first person to pull the Hitler card loses the argument. Both Touré and the left have lost the argument.


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