BuzzFeed Accuses Romney of Ginning Up 'Race War'

BuzzFeed Accuses Romney of Ginning Up 'Race War'

BenSmithing Ben Smith and his BenSmither-in-training, McKay Coppins, have officially gone off the deep end at the anti-gay BuzzFeed Politics.

Yesterday, I wrote about the McCarthyism being practiced by NBC and the Associated Press as a hysterical reaction to Team Romney’s refusal to be intimidated by the media’s lying fact checkers with respect to Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional decision to gut the bipartisan 1996 welfare reform bill with a waiver on the work requirement.  

Not content to merely scream RACISM, BuzzFeed Politics accuses Romney and Republicans of trying to gin up — and no, I’m not making this up — a ‘race war’.

The opener: [emphasis added throughout]

The Romney campaign’s assault on President Obama’s welfare policy drew direct charges from Democrats and leading media organizations Wednesday that Romney is playing racial politics, the latest sign that race, always simmering beneath the surface of American electoral politics, may be moving to the forefront of the presidential election.

Here’s the media-approved Mormon’s summation. Brace yourself:

Romney’s point appeared to be a nod toward a narrative that has been percolating in conservative media for years, which suggests there’s widespread “race war” going on in America — one the mainstream media is covering up, and which Obama is happily exploiting.

BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczinski, who’s probably most famous for having the thinnest skin on Twitter (I’m told his “block” button is completely worn out) made the mistake of trying to spin Coppins’ fever swamp McCarthyism and race-baiting with Ace of Spades.

You’ll want to read how well that worked out for Andrew  on Twitchy.

 Someone really should put this to music…

McKay Coppins, the media-approved Mormon

McKay Coppins, his writing’s as precious as his avatar

McKay Coppins, he and Dave Weigel should get a room…

McKay Coppins, the David Frum of Mormonism…

McKay Coppins, he has 75 more days to BenSmith Romney’s Mormonism…

McKay Coppins, the media’s kind of Mormon….

McKay Coppins!

Race War!


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