FLOTUS Demeans Office: Guest Edits Site Featuring Sex Advice From Hookers

FLOTUS Demeans Office: Guest Edits Site Featuring Sex Advice From Hookers

This surprises many of my conservative friends, but I like Michelle Obama. Though I disagree with her nanny-state attacks on the same food her husband always seems to eat whenever he’s away from her, I think she’s a lovely and classy First Lady — which is why I’m on record defending her honor from our shallow and childish media.

What I can’t do, however, is defend the First Lady from herself, which is why this is so troubling:

As the guest editor of iVillage, Michelle Obama has been sharing fitness and lifestyle tips over the past week.

But First Lady fans who are new to the site may be shocked to notice some of the other, more sexually explicit content, running alongside her commentary on family life and workout routines.

Among the articles currently on the iVillage site are a series of sex tips from prostitutes and a list of ‘naughty’ smartphone apps that are ‘digital turn-ons’, CNSNews.com points out.

Though none of the sex-related articles are by Mrs Obama herself, the title of Guest Editor implies that she would have control over the site’s editorial content.

Articles such as ‘How To Have A One-Night-Stand’, and ‘8 Subtle Ways To Give Him the Hint to Head “South”‘ are unlikely to have been on her agenda though.

This is the First Lady of the United States of America and she’s editing a site that not only offers sleazy sex advice, but sleazy sex advice from hookers.

I’m not sure which surprises me most: The fact that it happened in the first place or that the media is letting her get away with it.

Well, that’s silly. Of course the media’s letting her get away with it.


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