Anderson v. Debbie: Obama Continues to Make the Media His Punks

Anderson v. Debbie: Obama Continues to Make the Media His Punks

The big media news last night was this confrontation between DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper:


Man, if conservatives are excited over this, our standards have pretty much collapsed.

While it’s fun to watch Wasserman Schultz squirm, this is just Cooper doing the bare minimum of what a journalist is supposed to do. If you look at the title of that YouTube video — “DNC Chair Torn To Shreds Over False Claims” — that tells me our standards really are pretty low when it comes to what we expect from our media overlords and holding Democrats accountable.

The woman Allahpundit describes perfectly as “America’s most lifelike talking-points robot,” isn’t torn to shreds here. She’s merely held accountable for two outrageous and flagrant lies. But if you watch Cooper as closely as Wasserman Schultz, he looks as uncomfortable confronting her as she does being confronted. And in the long run, what does any of this matter?

In fact, it doesn’t matter one whit.

Less than a half-million people watched the original broadcast of this confrontation on CNN, and the YouTube sensation that immediately followed was only spread among those who are already determined to vote against Barack Obama.

And this is why Wasserman Schultz is so relentlessly shameless here — because she knows there will be no political price for The Head Of The Freakin’ DNC brazenly lying about Mitt Romney’s abortion stand and just as brazenly misquoting The Los Angeles Times.

Sure, in the era of Obama’s Media Palace Guard, it’s fun to watch the head of the DNC actually confronted with her proven lies, but in the end this is just another example of Team Obama playing the media for the spineless, gutless, sycophantic punks they know they are.

Team Obama knows they can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and face no political consequence whatsoever because those lies are either covered up or dutifully noted (like last night) and just as dutifully forgotten immediately afterwards.

Just last week, President Obama himself stood before the so-called cream of the American media — the White House Press Corps — and lied. And like the good little lapdogs they are, the cream of the American media just rolled over and let him get away with it.

There’s no two ways about it. When Obama looked the White House Press Corps in the eye and said his campaign had nothing to do with the disgraceful “felony” charges hurled at Romney and had no part in Joe Soptic’s accusation that Romney was responsible for his wife’s cancer…




And why did he lie?

Because he knew he would get away with it. Why wouldn’t he? After all…

One of Obama’s tippy-top campaign officials and spokespeople, Stephanie Cutter, told the exact same lie about Soptic just the week before and neither she nor the campaign nor her boss (Obama) paid any kind of political price for it. 

Listen, I get the spin and nuance of politics — I do — I even get Wasserman Schultz’s point that Romney could’ve put more pressure on the convention folks to add the usual exceptions to the Republican platform with respect to abortion. This is why I loathe these dishonest media fact checkers. In politics, black isn’t always black and white isn’t always white.

But the examples listed above are not spin or nuance. They are bald-faced lies coming from the President of the United States and his top surrogates. And I’m sorry, but Anderson Cooper holding Debbie’s feet to the fire for a few minutes just isn’t enough.

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, whether you are a sitting president or local yokel running for dog catcher, a media with even an ounce of integrity would make you pay a very heavy price for lying.

When the President of the United States and his top surrogates can look the media in the eye and consciously tell bald-faced lies, and the only political price paid is a single media moment that maybe a million people will see — that’s not “tearing anyone to shreds.”

That’s a coverup — a coverup courtesy of a disgracefully partisan and cowardly media filled with the President Obama’s punks.

And those punks might think Obama’s grateful for their help, but he’s really just laughing at them.


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