Brokaw, Scarborough Enable Chris Matthews' Racialist Attack on RNC Chair

Brokaw, Scarborough Enable Chris Matthews' Racialist Attack on RNC Chair

Chris Matthews being Chris Matthews — a spittle-flecked, unhinged water carrier for Obama — isn’t news . Matthews knows His Precious One is losing and just can’t emotionally deal with that fact. Moreover, Matthews is the one who needs to do a little racial soul-searching. After all, he’s the one who automatically associates the word “welfare” with “black people.”

What is noteworthy, however, is that as Matthews launches his rabid and irresponsible racialist smear against RNC Chair Reince Priebus, both Tom Brokaw and Joe Scarborough just sit there like cowards as Matthews does the impossible: allows his lunacy of lies to give the Peacock Network yet another black eye.  

Brokaw is supposed to be the Lion of NBC, its Anchor Emeritus and wizened conscience. If you watch the video, though, Brokaw acts like a bystander even though he’s seated right next to Matthews during this disgraceful attack. Well, Brokaw doesn’t do nothing the entire time. Near the end of the clip, he piles on the racialist “guilt by association” attack with his own list of ad hominems.   

Impossibly, Scarborough’s even worse. This go-along-to-get-an-MSNBC-show Republican patronizes Matthews during the first half of the exchange. When Matthews really lets the spittle fly during the second half,  Scarborough proves he doesn’t even have the sand to exert control over…his own show.

Bottom line: Matthews walks into Scarborough’s house and roughs up one of his guests with sucker blows, and Scarborough not only lets him — Scarborough let’s Matthews treat him like a punk by repeatedly interrupting and dismissing him.  


The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis argues that Scarborough should ban Matthews. But that would require Scarborough to do something I’ve never seen him do: Risk his status among the left-wing media elite.

P.S. Kudos to Priebus, who handled himself as well as anyone could.  



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