Media Blacks Out Today's Litany of Awful Economic News

Media Blacks Out Today's Litany of Awful Economic News

Did you know the deficit will hit $16 trillion in the next few days?

Did you know that U.S manufacturing shrank at the sharpest rate in more than three years last month?

Did you know that construction spending just dropped by the most it has all year?

Did you know that the number of food stamp recipients increased to record numbers this month?

If you know any of this, chances are you’re tuned into New Media and not the corrupt mainstream media — who are right now too busy gushing over Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, and all those so-called “rising stars” in the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, in Real America, the suffering of everyday Americans only increases as the media shills to reelect President More Of The Same.

But the media doesn’t care about this suffering or even fact-checking Team Obama’s lies about the economy. For example…

Obama and his media minions keep saying, “We’re on the right track.”

We are?

Unemployment increased from 8.1% to 8.3% over the last few months, and our GDP has slowed considerably this year.

But-but-but Julian Castro! He’s Obama II! This is HIS moment! Who’s Marco Rubio again?

By the way, the convention is no excuse for the media to black out this bad news. They black it out no matter what’s going on.



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