Media Covers Up Romney's Closing of Gender, Favorability Gaps

Media Covers Up Romney's Closing of Gender, Favorability Gaps

Don’t you just love how the shameless, dishonest, corrupt media operates?

For MONTHS these Obama-worshipping shills relentlessly pounded us with the following narratives:

Narrative Number One: Romney has a problem with women. Romney has a problem with women. Gender gap. Women hate Romney. War on Women. Abortion. Gender gap. Romney has a problem with women. Gender gap. War on women. Rape. Abortion. Abortion Rape. Rape. Rape.

Uh, yeah… we remember.

But did you know….

The gender gap has all but disappeared in the new ABC News WaPo poll? Obama leads by only five among women, which is mostly offset by Romney three-point lead with men.

*poof* no gender gap. Oh, but also *poof* no coverage of the erasing of the gender gap.

Narrative Number Two:  Romney has a problem with likability. People don’t like Romney. People like Obama. Romney isn’t looked at favorably by voters. Obama is winning on likability. Favorability. Likability. People hate Romney. People hate the shady, dog torturing, tax dodger Mormon freak named Willard.

Uh, yeah, kinda hard to forget what’s tattooed on your brain.

But did you know….

That even with the wildly skewed CNN poll, RCP shows the favorability gap down to less than five points? The latest WaPo/ABC News polls has it within three; the last CBS News poll within 2.

You see, this is how the corrupt media operates: they will spend weeks beating Romney senseless over a real or perceived problem he has with a certain part of the electorate. But after that problem is pretty much solved, rather than report that fact — they just stop talking about it.

Unless you look for yourself, you would never know the gender and favorability issues  have pretty much vanished.

But that’s part of the plan.

Of course, that’s never what the media does with Obama. If they bother to even report a problem he’s havingl, it’s more  along the lines of: “Racist whites won’t vote for Obama because birth certificate.”

But should Obama fix whatever issue he has with voters, it’s hailed as though Rome’s next Caesar has just graduated from potty training.

You see, good news for Romney is bad news for the media; so they choose not to report it because that would mean acknowledging it and denial is a large part of being a leftist. Plus, good news for Romney means problems for Obama — and narratives damaging to Obama must never be allowed to blossom.

But as much as the media lies and shills and shills and lies, at just the right time, Romney is solving his gender and favorability gaps. Even skewed media polls prove that.

You can’t believe the media anymore. Not anything. Especially those con artists at Politico.

Look at the details, read alternative media.

All the media is doing here is trying to alter perceptions and establish narratives to smother Romney and demoralize conservative support. This will be a base election and the more the media can demoralize us, the better chance they have of dragging President Failure Teleprompter across the finish line.

The Post’s Jennifer Rubin was the first to notice this and has her own analysis here. My only disagreement with her is that she calls what the media’s doing now a “pack mentality.”

No, it’s pure coordinated corruption.


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