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Politico's Alexander Burns Reports Pro-Obama Narrative Over the Truth

Politico's Alexander Burns Reports Pro-Obama Narrative Over the Truth

Look at this!

Just look at this!

Look at what Alexander Burns (remember him), one of Politico’s Obama-shills disguised as a reporter, did here.

Here you have a poll released from ABC News and the Washington Post  that says Obama enjoyed no post-convention bounce and that the race is essentially tied, but what does Burns do?

He runs this headline: Post/ABC poll: Obama back in the lead

Except the poll doesn’t put Obama back in the lead, and that’s not even the news from this poll. The news from the most recently released poll shows that Obama received no bounce.

But the truth doesn’t matter to Politico and Burns; all that matters is that on Saturday, Politico launched a Narrative designed to kill Romney off for good. But the ABC News/WaPo poll doesn’t fit that narrative, so Burns chooses to focus on the poll’s less reliable sample of registered voters, you know, as opposed to voters that will actually come out to vote.

Burns is so unconcerned with facts that this is how he opens the piece:

After Mitt Romney took a statistically negligible, 1-point lead the week of the Republican National Convention, the Washington Post and ABC News put the president back ahead by 6 points among registered voters and 1 point among likely voters[.]

So when Romney had a 1-point lead last week, it was “statistically negligible.” But…

When Obama has a 1-point lead, Obama’s “back in the lead, baby!!!” because this wildly dishonest Obama shill is just going to go ahead and pick and choose what numbers in this poll fits his corrupt bosses’ Narrative.

See how this works?

Admit it: three months ago you didn’t think the media could get any worse, did you?

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Liars and shills and shills and liars who lie and shill and shill and lie.


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