Politico Trades Obama Flacking for White House Scoops

Politico Trades Obama Flacking for White House Scoops

Politico has abandoned any attempt to pose as an objective news source and is now functioning as the unofficial outlet for the Obama campaign, trading pieces they write that promulgate the Obama campaign’s narrative for scoops they get from the White House that either are from “anonymous” sources or access to White House documents.  It’s a slimy and a contemptible relationship.

Astonishingly, today Politico actually had the nerve to ignore the biggest story in the world, the coordinated Islamist attack on America that not-so-coincidentally started on 9/11 and clearly showed the impotence of Barack Obama. Instead, Politico trumpeted two pieces that were part of the Obama campaign’s agenda.

One attack piece is about social conservatives who are not thrilled about Mitt Romney, but are voting for him primarily because they fear Barack Obama. This is the Obama campaign playing offense, trying to sow discord between the Romney campaign and social conservatives.

The second piece is Politico playing defense for Obama and is one of the most manipulative, cunning attacks on Romney yet launched. Again, it revolves around the same theme as the first piece — but this time it paints conservative pundits as being disenchanted with Romney while it also mocks conservatives for focusing on the liberal bias in the mainstream media.  It also tries to sow discord in the Republican Party by invoking Sarah Palin’s name:

“But even leading conservative voices who leveled criticisms against the political press this week caution against relying on a Palin-style anti-media effort.

Unbelievably, the piece from this supposedly objective news outlet starts like this:

“It’s one of the oldest tricks in the Republican playbook: In times of political crisis, blame the liberal mainstream media.”

One of the oldest tricks? So they believe that the vast swaths of Americans who have been awakened to the liberal bias in the media are being tricked by Republicans? The notion of Politico, of all outlets, claiming that suspicion of liberal bias is unfounded is beyond gall and approaches absurdity.

So what does Politico get in return for their devotion to the Obama cause? Their tried-and-true technique is to forward the message from the White House by quoting anonymous sources. For example, when the heat got too intense over the Cairo U.S. Embassy’s apology, Politico rushed to Obama’s defense: 

“‘The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government,’ an administration official told POLITICO.”

And in another gutless wonder piece that deals with sequestration and quoted “the President’s aides”, Politico doesn’t even bother to hide the inside track they have to the White House, using a White House Report that was leaked to them early so they could spin it:

POLITICO obtained an advance copy of the 394-page White House report, which shed little new light on the sword of Damocles hanging over Washington’s head but sharpened its political point.”

During the RNC and DNC, C-SPAN, which is supposedly neutral, used Politico for previews of the convention.  Considering Politico’s overt bias for Obama, their manipulation of the prevailing narrative for his benefit, and their backroom dealings, who knows how much spin was applied?

If Politico were an honest organization, they would simply admit they are in the tank for Obama. But to paraphrase Politico, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the Democratic playbook: pretend you are an objective source for news when you’re really a Democratic Party mouthpiece.


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