**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

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Obama Campaign Endorses ‘Anti-Semitic’ Maureen Dowd Column

And the media covers it up. My length piece on this is here.


Punk Who Punked Fox & Friends Hates Fox News, Jokes About Child Rape

Anyone who caught the segment this morning, as I did, didn’t think he was pranking Fox News as much as high on something:

As it turns out, the man who appeared on Fox News Monday morning is an aspiring stand-up comedian from Austin, Texas who’s featured in YouTube video telling jokes about raping children and claiming that he wants to be a porn star.

That probably describes a lot of Fox News-hating Leftists.


Neither Media Nor Media Polls Recognize Record Leap in Republican Party ID

Via InstapunditDatechguy makes an important point about the reality of what’s happening outside the elite media bubble: If you compare Rasmussen’s poll of party ID as it breaks down between Republican, Democrat and Independent going back to 2004 — it’s been reliably close to what we saw in actual turnout. This includes the 2004 presidential election, the pounding Republicans took in ’06 and ’08, and the GOP comeback in the 2010 midterms.

In November of 2010, the year of our great comeback, Republicans enjoyed a 1.3% advantage over Democrats. As things stand as of August 2012, Republicans are beating Democrats by a whopping 4.3% — which is a record.

This could certainly change after the conventions and as election day draws closer, but what does this say about polling that consistently gives Democrats a five to thirteen percent edge in samples? And what does it say about a media desperate to cover up any news or data that might undermine a narrative that says Obama can’t be beat?


Afternoon Edition: Polls the Media Ignore

Michigan: Obama 46, Romney 44


CNN Boasts Of Being First U.S. TV Outlet to Broadcast Photo of Controversial Filmmaker

We are now in the land of Orwellian “thoughtcrime.”

For days now, even though it’s obvious this filmmaker is in danger for his life from people willing to die to reach a monstrous goal, the media has blared out to the world this man’s name, location, and video of the front of his home.

To make matters worse (as only our corrupt media can), this morning, CNN bragged that it was the first television network to release a photo of the man.

There’s just no question that like Obama, the media has shown much more outrage towards this filmmaker than the actual terrorists who brutally murdered four Americans.

But the march is on to keep our eye off the ball. If a movie produced by a Christian caused all this mayhem, we then won’t blame Obama’s weak disinterested foreign policy.  


Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis Has Some Advice or ‘Morning Joe’  

Leftward tilt:

To call the selection bias associated with “Morning Joe’s” recent guest booking evidence of overt liberal political bias would be simplistic. “Morning Joe,” it seems to me, is most interested in booking establishment elites or insiders. These elites, of course, just happen to be liberals. Cultural bias is more insidious than overt political bias. For casual viewers, this is a distinction without a difference.

It would be a mistake for the show to attempt to overcorrect by bringing in conservatives who don’t fit the show’s culture (most of these people already have Fox News contracts, anyway.) There are certainly many things about the show that works terrifically.

Sound advice to be sure, but NBC isn’t about to offer more airtime to conservatives and their ideas until after the election, especially when it comes to a show like “Morning Joe” that tells our media elites how they’re supposed to think.

Lewis points out that there are at least  twenty conservative names that could fill Buchanan’s slot today. This is true. It’s also true that there were 20 conservative names that could’ve filled Buchanan’s slot the day after he was let go.

But NBC News CHOSE to go with Joe Scarborough II — Steve Schmidt — someone who NBC knows does more damage to the Republican Party than any liberal ever could, because Schmidt’s a Republican who reaffirms the media’s anti-GOP talking points.

Trust me, this is all part of the plan. These people are evil, not stupid.

In general, much of the media will attempt to rehabilitate its tattered image …. but only after they have given every ounce of body and soul to reelect Obama. And New Media’s job after the election (besides holding President Romney’s feet to the fire) will be to ensure the media is not allowed to rehabilitate itself.


Same Media That Ignored Occupy Rapes, Suddenly Interested In Decades-Old Boy Scout Sins

As you can see here, the media dutifully reported over 400 incidents of rape, assault, perversion, drug abuse, vandalism, and theft committed by the same Occupy Wall Street movement the media likes to describe as “mostly peaceful.” But the media never allowed this illegal and perverse behavior to come close to defining the Occupiers.

Moreover, today is the one-year anniversary of Occupy, and thus far I’ve not read or seen anything coming out from the MSM that in any way touches on the rampant criminality of this organization.

The media is, however, currently frothing at the mouth over allegations that over 20 years ago the Boy Scouts failed to report alleged incidents of child abuse. 

Don’t get me wrong, the story about the Boy Scouts is a legitimate one.  But the media’s anti-American, anti-Christian, pro-left agenda can always be found in what it chooses to cover and what it chooses to ignore.

Narrative Before Accuracy: Media Loves PPP Polls, All But Ignores Rasmussen

More proof of how the media uses skewed polls to drive a narrative that says Romney is losing and is therefore running a bad campaign and is therefore not qualified to be president, is the hot spotlight of attention Public Policy Polls receive.

Public Policy Polling is a left-wing pollster and one that obviously understands the power of The Narrative. If you look at their polls, PPP almost always shows Dems doing three to five points better than in other polls. Obviously, this kind of news is meant to bolster Democrats and depress Republicans. It also feeds The Narrative that Republicans are losing and losers.

PPP also seems to understand the media and knows that the more their polls show good news for Democrats the better chance those polls have of receiving media coverage.

Rasmussen, on the other hand, a pollster with a proven track record, is hardly mentioned by the media for the exact opposite reason: Rasmussen not only reports better news for Republicans but Rasmussen’s polls also undermine the “loser” narrative the media is so desperate to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.


In Which I Translate David Frum’s Latest Cry For Attention

TRANSLATION: Please, please, please put me on the air. Please invite me on TV. Please validate my existence with a television interview. Please help me feel relevant again. Please, please, please….

Please, I’ll do anything, I’ll say anything, I’ll betray anyone, I’ll undermine anything…. Just, please, please, please send the car so I can feel the warm glare of affirmation under your studio lights.


Stories the Corrupt Media Ignore: Kathleen Sebelius Campaigns with Taxpayer Funds


This February, Kathleen Sebelius told those attending a Human Rights Campaign gala in North Carolina that it was imperative they ensure “in November [Obama] continues to be president for another four years.” Moreover, they needed to “reelect the president and elect a Democratic governor here in North Carolina.” The event was listed as an “official appearance” of the HHS Secretary. Uh oh.

Actually, there is no “uh, oh.”

If something that happens that might cause the Obama reelection trouble and the media doesn’t report it — did it happen?

The answer to that question is: “Mitt Romney, what about your gaaaaafes!?”

Politico Pretty Much Programming All of MSNBC’s Coverage

The far-left fever swamp that is MSNBC is now pretty much being run by Politico. For the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a swing from Politico hacks appearing on the show to affirm MSNBC’s anti-GOP narratives to where the pages of the corrupt Politico are now driving much of the far-left MSNBC’s coverage.

This isn’t a commercial synergy as much as it is a political one.

The bigger the impact these two left-wing entities can have on the narrative, the better chance Obama has of winning reelection.


There Will Be Gnashing of Media Teeth: ‘Newsweek’ Goes Off the Narrative-Reservation

 Here’s this week’s “Newsweek” cover and the cover story; written by the heroic Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

The corrupt media went into a full-frothing rage a few weeks ago when Newsweek dared run a cover story critical of Barack Obama. Today’s cover story is also damaging to Obama because if a stupid movie isn’t blamed for the Middle East burning, Obama might be. There’s also this:

How should American leaders respond? What should they say and do, for example, when a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s newly elected ruling party, demands a formal apology from the United States government and urges that the “madmen” behind the Muhammad video be prosecuted, in violation of the First Amendment? If the U.S. follows the example of Europe over the last two decades, it will bend over backward to avoid further offense. And that would be a grave mistake–for the West no less than for those Muslims struggling to build a brighter future.

Which, by the way, is exactly what the Obama White House did.

Another troublesome fact for the corrupt media is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not a politically correct Muslim. This means that Newsweek giving her a cover story represents a break in The Narrative Dam. Voices like Hirsi Ali’s are not supposed to be given mainstream credential.

The media relishes playing whack-a-mole anytime they see a breach over their control of The Narrative.


Late Morning Edition: Poll the Media Will Ignore

National: Romney 47, Obama 45


Morning Edition: Poll the Media Will Ignore

Rasmussen Swing-State Poll: Romney 47, Obama 45


Politico to Scarborough: ‘Whoa, boy, whoa… Where do you think you’re going?’

Don’t expect me to get in the habit of defending the execrable Joe Scarborough from the very same media he sold his soul to in exchange for acceptance, millions, and Vanity Fair cover-love. But to see Dylan Byers at Politico (where Scarborough writes a regular column reaffirming Politico’s anti-GOP narratives), hit Scarborough with an instant fact-check is just too rich to pass up.

The narrative the media is desperate to snuff is that Obama’s Middle East Policy is imploding — a policy that’s essentially based on Muslims loving us because we elected Barack Obama.

This morning on MSNBC, Scarborough went off the MSNBCPolitico Plantation. He openly laughed at the White House and the media attempting to blame a movie for the violence when we all know the attacks were driven by what drives all of these attacks: HATE.

Within minutes of the segment airing, Obama lapdog Byers was all over Scarborough.

What did Scarborough think when he voluntarily put on the leash, that he his masters would let him run?


NBC’s Chuck Todd Calls Politico Hit the Romney Campaign’s ‘Obituary’

In his continuing effort to win the award for the “journalist” who damaged his credibility more than any other in 2012, Todd just grabbed this morning’s nothingburger from Politico to claim it’s the Romney campaign’s obituary.

Obviously, this isn’t reporting — it’s psy-ops; a way to tell the American people the race is over and there’s no need to vote.

Remember, for the next 50 days the media will not allow Romney to do anything right or Obama to do anything wrong.

This is also a look at how Politico and Chuck Todd and MSNBC and the Obama campaign all coordinate and work together.

Did the Media’s Behavior Last Week Open Some Republican Eyes? – We Can Only Hope

In his “Morning Jolt,” NRO’s Jim Geraghty sums up the media reality of the campaign:

But the desire to reduce every development in the news to “here’s the latest reason why our preferred candidate rocks and your candidate stinks” means that A) certain stories get ignored or downplayed and B) something like Romney’s reaction to attacks on our embassy are treated as twenty times as important as the actual attacks themselves.

The media’s behavior last week wasn’t a new low — far from it — but it was a low that occurred when the stakes are enormously high and Republicans of all stripes have a lot invested in the outcome. 

My hope isn’t that what happened last week will be an eye-opener for the media. That would be naive.

My hope, however, is that what happened last week opens the eyes of those on our side who are still under the absurd impression that the media is “out of touch” or “elite” or “bubbled” or “biased.”

No. No. No. No. No.

The media is at war with us and determined to defeat us, and until you realize that fact, you can’t fight back; until you realize that fact, you make the mistake of aiding and abetting our political enemies by affirming their narratives.

Last week, we saw a number of conservatives give the anti-Romney narrative another day or two of life because they couldn’t wait to publicly criticize Romney for daring to criticize Obama. In this media environment, when a Republican criticizes Romney, it’s no different than taking out a full page ad that benefits Obama — because the media broadcasts that criticism over and over and over…

While criticizing Romney, these conservatives might think they’re “just telling it like it is,” but in reality they’re lying. The individual criticism might be sincere, but the criticism feeds and fuels and energizes The Big Lie that says Romney is too incompetent to be president.

Some in our party need to grow up and realize there’s a bigger moral world out there than their own desire to prove how “intellectually honest” they are. 


Politico Tries To Kill Romney Off with a Big Fat NothingBurger

Something I won’t stop repeating throughout this campaign is that the media is attempting to win Barack Obama’s reelection by disqualifying Mitt Romney as someone too incompetent to be president. Americans just won’t vote for a man to take the reins of world power if he’s unable to run his own campaign. So if the media portrays Romney as unsteady and not ready to lead, even a president as failed as Obama will win a second term. 

This is the over-arching narrative the Obama campaign and its allies in the media are pushing; it’s what drove the Bain and tax return attacks; it’s what drove the coverage of Romney’s overseas trip; and it’s most certainly what drove last week’s coverage, where Romney’s criticism of the White House dominated The Narrative a whole lot more than the embassy attacks, the security questions surrounding them, and even the fact that the Middle East is on fire.

So what to do this week now that last week’s anti-Romney narrative ran out of gas?

Enter Politico with yet another one of its unnamed sources, Sunday night hit jobs.

Only the article itself is a big nothingburger. There’s nothing at all revelatory or even newsworthy in it:  There’s tension in campaign? Oh my! Romney’s convention speech went through a number of last-minute drafts? Oh my! Some people think the campaign could be doing better? Oh my!

What Politico wrote isn’t a story, it’s an excuse — and excuse to give the media what they need to write yet another week’s worth of stories that portray Romney as too incompetent to be president.  


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