CNBC Poll: 75% of readers Agree with Romney's Comments About the 47%

CNBC Poll: 75% of readers Agree with Romney's Comments About the 47%

Online polls aren’t scientific, but I’m guessing an online poll from an outlet like CNBC would invite a fairly even political split of readers to chime in than say, an online poll hosted by MSNBC or Newsmax. This is also an online poll taken in the heat of this debate and attached to a CNBC story critical of Romney’s remarks.

Thus far, 41,124 people have taken a poll that asks: Do you agree with Romney’s statement. Here are the results:

Polling from Gallup and Rasmussen prove that the corrupt media’s hysterical and phony overreaction to Romney’s criticism of Obama over the Cairo embassy apology might have helped rather than hurt him. And if this CNBC online poll is worth anything, we might see the same in next week’s polling regarding the 47% video.

One poll that is scientific is the one that shows political pundits enjoying a favorability rating lower than any politician not accused of child molestation. So that might explain the media’s growing inability to impact opinion and thought in this country.

CNBC’s own Rick Santelli (the man whose epic rant helped spur the Tea Party) doesn’t seem to disagree with Romney. We’ll know if the rest of the country bought this nonsense by Monday.


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