**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

**Insta-Fact Check** Live-Blogging The ObamaMedia

Because the corrupt media is so breathtakingly corrupt in its push to reelect a failed president, Big Journalism needs a running live blog. Please help us in our quest to capture the breadth and scope of this corruption by forwarding your tips to jnolte@breitbart.com or Twitter me @NolteNC.

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Why Zogby Is a Joke To Left and Right: Poll — Obama Winning NASCAR Fans

in ’00 and ’04, pollster John Zogby was a pretty big deal having built a reputation nailing the results of the 2000 presidential cliffhanger. Then he got addicted to the spotlight and started chasing headlines with ridiculous polls like this one. By the time ’08 rolled around, “zogby” became synonymous with the “special sauce” needed to manufacture the kind of hyped results that would win media attention.

Now he can hardly get that.

Zogby is neither liberal or conservative.

He’s just a one-time professional turned showman who has since been demoted to clown.


‘Kiss My Ass’ vs. ‘F**K Off’: Media Dismisses Frustrated State Department Cussing Out Reporter

When a Romney staffer told a herd of disgusting reporters, “kiss my ass,” after they started heckling Romney at the sacred site where Poland buries its war dead — it became a huge three-day story used to complete the phony narrative that Romney’s overseas trip had been a gaffe-a-thon.

Compare that to the White House these last couple of weeks. For days the Obama Administration created a phony narrative blaming the murder of four Americans, including our Libyan ambassador, on a spontaneous protest over a stupid movie.

Well, now we know that absolutely none of that was true. But after a week of hardly any real media pressure, the Administration has still been forced to backtrack and come clean.

And now a frustrated State Department has responded to a reporter’s questions by telling him to “f*ck off.”

But what’s the media’s reaction thus far? Well, just to bat it around on twitter and chuckle. You know, instead of blowing it up like “kiss my ass” into the bigger narrative about how this is indicative of a department under siege after making a series of high-profile mistakes.

But the media doesn’t want to call attention to this because until the election is over the narative must remain: Romney can do nothing right and Obama can do nothing wrong.


Politico’s James Hohman on MSNBC: Romney Not ‘Competitive’ or ‘Viable’

Just a few minutes ago, yet another Obama shill from Politico headed on over to MSNBC to reaffirm the network’s relentless anti-Romney narrative. Today it was James Hohmann who said, the Romney campaign is ‘trying to spin us into into believing they are competitive and viable.”

In other words, the Romney campaign isn’t competitive or viable.

In other words, the race is over.

Narrative. Narrative. Narrative.

Hohmann is telling us the race is over because he and Politico and MSNBC want the race to be over.

What a good dog Hohmann is.


Polls: Jay Cost Tells Us What the Media Won’t

When our own Mike Flynn and The Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost panic, I will. Until then, the media will have zero effect on me — and that goes for the polls. Flynn and Cost are two of the smartest poll analyzers out there and while both are conservative, the analysis they offer is always intellectually honest.

Here’s Cost today in The New York Post:

This is why the polls have often swung wildly in the final weeks of a campaign. It’s how “Dewey defeated Truman” in 1948. It’s how a blowout Richard Nixon victory in 1968 turned into a squeaker. It’s how Gerald Ford closed a 10-point gap and actually had a lead in the final Gallup poll in 1976.

It’s how a toss-up race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan finished with a GOP blowout in 1980. It’s how Bill Clinton went from being up 9 in mid-September, 1992 to a tie with George H.W. Bush by the end of October.

It’s how George W. Bush went from being 10 points down in September 2000 to the 43rd president in January 2001. And it’s how the very same Bush “blew” the 11-point lead he enjoyed in late September 2004, defeating John Kerry by just 2 points.

In other words, September polls are extremely volatile. And this year’s volatility is compounded by the late date of the Democratic National Convention. It was, in fact, the latest party convention in US history.

The media, of course, refuses to offer this kind of analysis because the media is corrupt and determined to turn the writing of Romney’s pre-bituary into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

From where I see things, Obama’s probably up three now and in the red zone of the 50% mark. If the election were held today, Obama would probably win 52-47.

But the election isn’t being held today and if the election had been held on this date in the past, how different would history look? 

Just keep fighting and brace yourselves; there’s going to be a lot of drama between now and November.


Narrative Fail: Only 23% Blame Anti-Islam Video For Middle East Violence

This poll just released from Rasmussen might help to explain why Obama’s foreign policy numbers are dropping. People just aren’t buying what Obama and the media are selling.


MSNBC Uses Politico’s Alex Burns To Counter-Point Romney Surrogate Bay Buchanan

Because MSNBC is openly leftist, I’m not too concerned with them. But to see MSNBC use the supposedly unbiased Politico to counter-point Romney surrogate Bay Buchanan is worthy of note.

Ms. Buchanan comes on and does a superb job making the case for Romney. But then, immediately after the interview is over, MSNBC let’s Politico’s Burns assume the counter-point role normally reserved for Democrats — and like a good little Democrat, Burns goes right to the Obama campaign’s talking points that pretty much say, “Yeah, Bay’s doing her best to bail out a ships’ that already sunk.”  

Nothing even close to analysis.


Media Moves On: Obama Gets Away With Libya Lies

Between the Sunday shows and what I’m seeing and reading today, any hope that the lies the Obama Administration told about Libya gaining any kind of attention in the media are dead. Not even Obama’s “bumps in the road” statement has revived them this morning. The media was reluctant to cover the lies last week, now they are ready to move on.

There’s some talk, but it’s all a footnote — you know, just one of those things happening in the world today.

The only possible thing that could help get the truth out there would be an attack ad by the Romney campaign. But so far I see no signs of them wanting any part of this.


After 40 Minutes, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Finally Gets Around to Libya

Cable nets reboot every hour. it’s like a one-hour newscast where the most important storied lead the top of the hour. At 8:35, Soldead O’Brien finally got around to talking about the security failures in Libya as well as the lies the Administration told immediately after the attack.

This is called burying the lede.


Politico Reports 50-47 Poll As Doom For Romney

You have to read this to believe it. Obviously, Politico was expecting a poll closer to 52-45, wrote the piece in advance, and decided to not change a word and publish it anyway.

We’re 40 days out, have 4 debates to go, and it’s a three-point race against an incumbent president.

This thing is so far from over.


CNN Finds Giving Kids ‘Morning After’ Pill Without Parental Consent Debatable

Without parental consent, thirteen New York City schools are currently dispensing the morning after pill to girls as young as 14. City schools are already dispensing free condoms and now this. To get around parental consent, the schools have set up an “opt-out” program, where parents are notified and can opt their child out of the program.

Imagine if schools tried an “opt-out” program for a field trip.

Soledad O’Brien and her CNN panel actually discussed this program as though the ethics were of it were open to debate.



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