Scarborough's Dishonest Defense of MSNBC's False Romney Attack

Scarborough's Dishonest Defense of MSNBC's False Romney Attack

Joe Scarborough attempted to dig himself out of a hole this morning but only dug himself a bigger one.

In a dishonest and misleading attempt to defend yet another one of his unrelenting, arrogant, smug, anti-Romney attacks — but one that blew up in his face over the weekend — Scarborough claimed this morning that MSNBC did not doctor audio to make it sound as though a crowd chanting “Romney” was chanting “Ryan.” And what Scarborough committed in doing so was a lie of omission.

What Scarborough was referencing was a clip MSNBC broadcast all of last week that made it look as though an arrogant, hapless, and insecure Mitt Romney attempted to change a “Ryan” chant at a campaign rally into a chant that that included his name. 

Because the media loves to use willing Republicans to undermine Romney, Scarborough’s reaction to the clip got the most media attention. You can watch it here.

Note: To emphasize the crowd was chanting “Ryan,” MSNBC added a subtitle that read: “Crowd: Ryan!”

A day or two after the clip aired and MSNBC had re-broadcast it endlessly, it was discovered that the crowd was not chanting “Ryan;” that in fact the crowd was chanting “Romney.” Numerous on-the-scene reports filed in real-time reported the crowd chanting “Romney,” including the New York Times.

This means two things…

1. MSNBC’s subtitle was incorrect.

2. The impression that an arrogant, insecure Romney wanted his name added to the crowd’s chant is exactly wrong. The truth is that a gracious Romney wanted Ryan’s name added to the chant.

Now that you know the facts, watch Scarborough’s misleading defense of his and his network’s behavior last week: 

Note that Scarborough doesn’t address the fact that MSNBC incorrectly added the subtitle, “Crowd: Ryan!”

Moreover, the video Scarborough played of the Romney rally did not include MSNBC’s incorrect subtitle from last week, because Scarborough didn’t replay the MSNBC clip. Obviously, Scarborough didn’t want to address the subtitle, because that would undermine his whole defense, which is based on the fact that MSNBC altered nothing.

Except MSNBC did alter something; they altered the perception of the entire event with an incorrect subtitle.

Apparently Sell-Out Joe’s selling out to the corrupt media is so complete he not only reaffirms every anti-Romney lie his NBC Masters manufacture; he’s also a part of the media’s indefensible memory-holing of inconvenient facts.


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