Stephanopoulos Embarrasses Himself: 'Does a tie go to the challenger?'

Stephanopoulos Embarrasses Himself: 'Does a tie go to the challenger?'

Immediately after Governor Mitt Romney’s blow-out humiliation of President NakedEmperor in last night’s debate, a noticeably shaken and shattered George Stephanopoulos once again embarrassed himself with what might have been last night’s weakest and most desperately lame attempt to spin His Precious One’s drubbing into a nothing-to-see-here draw.

Here’s a transcript of the exchange between co-anchors Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos who anchored ABC News’ post-debate coverage. This occurred even before Obama, Romney, and their families had left the debate stage:  

DIANE SAWYER: Let me turn to you right now, George, nobody knows politics better than you. Here it is, bottom line, was there a clear winner tonight?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOUS:  I think Governor Romney was definitely more crisp in his presentation. He was leaning into the debate when President Obama was a little bit more laid back. I think he was able to be aggressive without being offensive. So, even though there were — I didn’t see any knockout punches. No breakthrough moments or major mistakes. I think Governor Romney will get the boost that challengers usually get. The big question, did he do anything to dramatically change the trajectory of the race?

SAWYER:  [after some chatter about Twitter reactions to Romney’s comments about Big Bird] I want to turn to Matthew Dowd, a key strategist for both sides of the aisle, at different points in his life. Is George right?

MATTHEW DOWD:  Well, I think this — we all try to make comparisons to these races to previous presidential races and this race has been so eerily familiar to 2004 and tonight was another example of that. it is as if — very much like Bush-Kerry. Bush came in with a lead, not huge, he came in to play for a draw and John Kerry came in to win. The exact same happened tonight. Mitt Romney came in to win this debate with passion and it looked as if the president came in, as long as I play for a draw, I keep a lead and go forward. If that’s the case, I think a very close race just got a lot closer.

SAWYER:  Really? Played for a draw and succeeded?

DOWD:  No, the president played for a draw, but the guy that comes in and plays for a win usually gets the victory.

STEPHANOPOLOUS:  Does a tie go to the challenger?

Last night was easily the most decisive and crushing debate performance in the history of presidential debates. And yet, Stephanopoulos (a Democratic operative disguised as a news man) immediately attempted to spin an obvious and devastating loss for Obama into a …. draw.

But none of this is surprising. We all saw it coming a mile away. Last night, Stephanopoulos tee’d up his spin before the debate and he also has an almost perfect record of immediately spinning debate victories for Democrats.

Think about how pathetic and partisan George Stephanopoulos really is. Even his Clinton-era colleague James Carville (who doesn’t disguise himself as a journalist) admitted Romney ate Obama’s lunch last night. But Stephanopoulos is so partisan and so corrupt and such a propagandist liar that even in the face of an undeniable reality he just couldn’t bring himself to acknowledge it.

If we were in anything resembling a just world, I would suggest to ABC News that, for the sake of their own credibility, they take a long hard look at how bad Stephanopoulos makes the entire franchise look. But that’s not the world we live in.

ABC News hired and elevated Stephanopoulos to do exactly what he did last night — and like a good little flak, Georgie-boy once again sacrificed whatever’s left of his reputation and credibility to the pagan god of The State.


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