Media Roundup: Crowley Stacks Audience Questions, Followups for Obama

Media Roundup: Crowley Stacks Audience Questions, Followups for Obama

As we already know, CNN’s Candy Crowley is moderating tonight’s second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Crowley has already signalled her intent to make her mark on the debate and she has already done everything in her power to ensure the spotlight’s on her. Her behavior has been both appalling and predictable.

Translation: Mitt Romney will almost certainly be outnumbered two-to-one tonight, just like Paul Ryan was last week. Obama’s in deep trouble, the media knows it, and as we’ve seen throughout this election season, the media’s going to do everything in its power to save the President.

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Looks Like These Are “Undecided” Between Obama and the Socialist Party

How about a question on how much ObamaCare sucks?


“How will you be different than Bush?” asks “Undecided” Voter

Chuck Todd just tweeted: “Wow — two questions in a row the Obama campaign is thrilled with!”

Why is he so surprised. That was all part of the plan.

This is the fifth question in a row where in some way Romney was put as a disadvantage.


“Undecided” Voter Worried About Pay-Inequality For Women

We’re five questions in and already Crowley has stacked the deck for Obama with three of them.

Don’t forget that Crowley picked the questions.



Candy Crowley Hands Obama a Softball On Romney’s Tax Plan

Wow. Crowley is all in for Obama. She just asked “Settled?” after rephrasing Romney’s tax plan.


Candy Crowley Gives Obama Chance to Respond When She Didn’t Do Same For Romney

Unbelievable. In the second question, just as Obama did for the first, Romney was supposed to get the last word. Instead, Crowley gave Obama the chance to respond.

That’s like the umpires giving their favorite baseball team an extra inning. 


Gee, Chuck Todd — Ya’ Think?

Gas prices — classic issue we journalists DON’T ask about enough but real people care about. 

Media Pre-Debate Coverage Definitely Pro-Obama

If I had to encapsulate what I’m seeing across the media landscape, it’s that the premise of the pre-debate analysis is that Obama simply needs to be a better debater; be himself and more energized. Another media premise is that Obama didn’t do a good job of calling Romney out on his lack of facts and overall dishonesty.

Other than some comments about Obama needing to do a better job of presenting a better second-term agenda, the Obama campaign has done a good job selling the RomneyLiar narrative.


Ben Smith’s Left-Wing Troll-Site Never Stops with The Stupid

 What a waste of Internet that entire site is.


David Gregory: Can’t Disqualify Mitt Romney, Obama Now Needs To Present Second-Term Agenda  — Tony Lee

Gregory implicitly admitted what the Obama campaign and the mainstream media have been colluding to accomplish: tear Mitt Romney down. He said it is not impossible for the Obama campaign to disqualify Romney as a viable alternative.

Obama and the mainstream media knew Obama could not run on the economy and did not have a vision for a second term. They knew the only way Obama could win the election was for them to disqualify Romney, in the eyes of the electorate, as a viable alternative.
But in one debate, months of collusion went down the drain, as Romney came off as more presidential than Obama, who seemed like he either did not want to be at the debate or thought the debate was beneath him. Undecided viewers tuning into the election for the first time saw in Obama someone who was taking them for granted by not even making a case for why he should be given a second term or a president who was completely in over his head.
And that is why the race, after the first debate, has drastically swung in Romney’s favor.


Chuck Todd: First Debate Obama’s Roger Mudd Moment  — Tony Lee

On NBC Nightly News, Chuck Todd basically said the first debate between Obama and Romney was Obama’s Roger Mudd moment.

Chuck didn’t say it that explicitly but he referenced how Ted Kennedy could not answer the simple question, which Mudd asked, about why he wanted to be president.
Todd said Obama could not answer why he wanted a second term and what his agenda would be.
This has been evident for awhile but, for some reason, it took a debate — without the mainstream media’s filters and blinders — for them to see what the rest of the country has seen.


Reporters Get Drunk at Debate

This explains a lot:

The beers being served at the debate are apparently Anheuser-Busch’s “small batch” brews. Bartenders inside the tent confirmed they were indeed quite “busy” this evening.

Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous reporters are allowed to drink on the job. Out here in the real world you get fired for that kind of thing. But reporters also aren’t fired for lying, shilling, or being wrong about almost everything — so what’s a little drink now and again.


Chuck Todd Slams Susan Rice On… Laura… Ingraham’s… Radio… Show…


I’ve been shocked we haven’t had a Hillary Clinton interview on this,” Todd said. “And … I never understood the Susan Rice thing, why her on this. … What doesn’t make sense to anybody, is how is it that five days later, they didn’t realize Benghazi was not a part of [the protests occurring throughout the Muslim world]?”

If Todd WANTED to he could at any time turn these questions into a major Narrative. He has his own cable news show, for crying out loud. But because he’s both slave to and master of The Narrative, he hasn’t.

It’s good to know he feels that way but par for the course that he hasn’t done a single thing of consequence to get to the bottom of it or demand some political accountability.


Candy Crowley Now On CNN Laying Track to Ask Questions About Abortion, Condoms

Obviously, the left-wing Crowley isn’t using the words “abortion” and “condoms,” but when a “journalist” says “women’s issues” we know she doesn’t mean jobs or the deficit.


Dana Milbank Pretty Much Confirms Collusion Between ‘WaPo’ & Obama Campaign

This morning, the Washington Post’s dishonest fact-checker, Glenn Kessler — the Obama shill who called Romney a liar for stating that a president who didn’t go to Israel didn’t go to Israel — published a “fact-check” declaring Romney a liar over his claim that he will create 12 million jobs in his first term as president.

Of course, the fact that Kessler’s manufactured ammunition that goes right to the heart of Romney’s campaign agenda was published the morning of a crucial debate is purely a coincidence. You know, just like the coincidence where we saw WaPo publish a hit-piece the day after Obama came out in support of gay marriage claiming that 50 years ago Romney bullied a gay classmate.

Anyway, just now on MSNBC, WaPo’s Dana Milbank said we should expect to see Obama use that ammo to clobber Romney with.

The ObamaMedia is so desperate, they’re not even trying to hide the conspiracy anymore.



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