Your Guide To Understanding the Media for the Next Four Years

Your Guide To Understanding the Media for the Next Four Years

Last week, as the Petraeus sex scandal broke, The Mighty Charles Krauthammer said something that got a lot of play in New Media. He seemed certain that “sex” and the fact that Barack Obama was safely reelected would be the tipping point that drove the media to cover what’s become known as “BenghaziGate.” Normally, if I disagree with Krauthamme,r I just assume I’m the one who’s wrong. But I knew that wouldn’t be the case here. And it hasn’t been.

The media did exactly what I predicted it would. The sex scandal has been compartmentalized by the media and even used as a distraction to avoid the Obama Administration’s dreadful handling of the situation in Libya — from security failures to cover-up. Moreover, we’re now seeing The Narrative move even further away from the White House and Libya, as the scandal is used to tarnish Petraeus’ achievements in Iraq (a war the Left will always hate and still hopes we lose) and the military as a whole.

There’s no question we have a long four years ahead of us, and the fact that we’re going to have to fight the mainstream media every inch of the way is only going to make those years feel longer. But if we’re going to fight the media, we at least have to understand what we’re up against and what the media’s over-arching goal is.

First off, you have to keep in mind that the media identifies and sees itself in Obama: a radical Leftist, an urbane, intellectual metrosexual, and, yes, a celebrity. Obama is also everything the media has always wanted in a president: an unapologetic and uncompromising leftist who punches back twice as hard. In other words, this time it’s personal with the media, and should Obama fail or be rejected in any way, everything the media sees in itself and believes will have failed and been rejected.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, from day one, the media’s become a vital part of the Obama campaign and administration. They’ve propped Obama up, protected him, lied for him, and attempted to marginalize any threat to his power or electoral success. Yes, it’s been and will remain trench warfare, but there’s a much bigger goal the media has in mind that will help those of us in the trenches better understand exactly what it is we’re up against.

Put simply, we have to get our minds around the fact that the media’s over-arching goal is and always has been “History.” For the media to affirm everything about itself, Obama must be remembered as One Of History’s Great Presidents. Everything the media’s done since Obama climbed onto the national stage has been geared towards exactly that.

Obviously, this meant the media had to first get Obama elected to the presidency. This meant stabbing their beloved Clintons in the back, refusing to vet Obama, screaming racism at any kind of criticism, and snuffing out the first female GOP vice presidential candidate.

Once Obama became president, the incompetence of the BP oil spill wasn’t allowed to define him, the divisive partisanship was ignored, as were legitimate scandals such as Libya and what happened with the Secret Service. Obama’s enemies in the form of the Tea Party and Mitt Romney were targeted for assassination. But the worst part is that the media created a New Normal so that chronically high unemployment, anemic economic  growth, an explosion in poverty, a wasted billion dollar stimulus, green energy cronyism, crushing deficits, and an explosion of social welfare spending could be defined as successful.

These were all battles in a Long War that’s only half over – a war to ensure Obama and his leftist policies end up on the historical equivalent of Mt. Rushmore. And this is why we’re in for four more years from the media that will look exactly like the last four years.

Regardless of Obama’s failures in the Middle East, with our economy, and the devastating effects of ObamaCare; regardless of how dirty the Administration played when it came to Libya, the media will do whatever is necessary to ensure nothing is allowed to tarnish his legacy.

Naturally, this won’t end with Obama leaving office in 2016. For the media will then write the first draft of history with a flood of books proclaiming Obama’s greatness — regardless of the actual results. And if this first draft of history is based on what we’ve seen throughout his presidency, Obama will be graded on a curve so steep it will require a guard rail.  

So, no, Libya will never be properly investigated. Furthermore, no matter how bad the economy gets, Obama will always be credited for saving us from “Bush’s Depression.” 


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