Disarmed Russian Columnist Warns Americans: 'Never Give Up Your Guns'

Disarmed Russian Columnist Warns Americans: 'Never Give Up Your Guns'

Stanislav Mishin is a Russian who knows his history — particularly the history of how the Russian people were robbed of freedom once they were disarmed by Lenin & Co. after the Russian revolution in 1917. He knows how the newly born Soviet Union then acted with impunity toward defenseless citizens, carrying out “mass deportations, mass murder, [and even] mass starvation.”

This is why his message to the American people is very clear — “never give up your guns.”

Writing in Pravda over the weekend, Mishin pointed out how the world that was once enchanted with America has become less and less so as America has moved more and more toward a socialistic framework. The one thing people have continued to admire is America’s long held right to keep and bear arms, according to Mishin, yet now Obama and the Democrats are threatening to take it away as well. 

Writes Mishin: “This will probably come as a shock to most of my Western readers, but at one point Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free [before the Russian Revolution].”  After this, he goes through a list of abuses the Russian people have faced not only during Soviet times but under Vladimir Putin too, and here is his conclusion: “[Gun control] is about power and total power over the people.”

Speaking as one who knows firsthand how gun control eviscerates freedom, Mishin warns Americans: “Never give up your guns.” We would do well to heed his warning. 


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