NYT: Shame on Time Warner for Dropping Al Jazeera

NYT: Shame on Time Warner for Dropping Al Jazeera

As predicted, with the twisted used of words as lovely as “tolerance” and “diversity,” the elite media, in the form of the New York Times, is pushing hard and attempting to shame cable outlets into carrying Al Jazeera, a television network that fronts for an ideology about as hostile to tolerance and diversity as we’ve seen since the Third Reich:

Doubts about the independence of Al Jazeera do not justify removing it from cable and satellite systems. With the exception of a few places, like Washington and New York City, Al Jazeera English is not available to most American viewers. Why not let them make up their own minds about the network and its journalism?

As we’ve already learned, some of our elite journalist overlords apparently consider this openly anti-American, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist cable news network preferable to Glenn Beck’s conservatism, and now content providers like Time Warner Cable aren’t even allowed to reject a gateway network into the sinister world of Islamo-fascism without being publicly shamed by the Times.

The odd thing is that the ideology Al Jazeera attempts to spin into something mainstream stands for everything leftists like the New York Times say they loath. It’s no secret that Islamists subjugate women, fight for a theocracy, and despise gays.

And yet, here’s the Times fighting to give this message access to every home in America when we all know they would strongly condemn any outlet that offered a platform to some uber-wealthy conservative who railed against same-sex marriage, abortion, the Ground Zero mosque, and Global Warming. Tolerance and diversity of other ideas only goes so far, folks.

The difference, though, is that Al Jazeera hates America and Israel. So people like Al Gore and  the editorial writers of the Times are willing to overlook the rest.

The enemy of my enemy…

Jonathan Tobin at Commentary calls this a “sickness“:

I don’t worry about Al Jazeera being able to persuade most Americans to buy into this skewed view of the world. What is worrisome is that Gore and other liberals such as the editorial writers at the Times seem to think there is a connection between this perspective and contemporary American liberalism. …

While conservatives and liberals have plenty to argue about, one would have hoped that they would be united in their revulsion against the kind of bias that Al Jazeera exemplifies. If indeed there is a connection between Al Jazeera’s views and contemporary liberalism, there is a sickness on the left that ought to trouble all Americans.

There’s no “if” about it. We should never forget how hard the media and the mainstream left worked to lose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan solely for political gain.

“Sickness” is a generous term for what I see as nothing less than wicked.


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