WaPo: Gun Control Debate 'May' Be Driving Higher Sales

WaPo: Gun Control Debate 'May' Be Driving Higher Sales

The Washington Post seems a tad uncomfortable admitting that left-wingery, in the form of gun-grabbing, might have back-fired in ways that could only surprise effete, left-wing, Blue State-dwelling metrosexuals.

Gun control debate may be driving higher sales

LAS VEGAS — The United States appears to be experiencing a rec­ord run on military-style assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and some kinds of ammunition as buyers deluge stores in search of guns and bullets they fear will be banned by the Obama administration, according to firearms industry executives and market analysts.

Even allowing for spikes in gun sales that follow every mass killing in the United States and attendant political debates about gun control, industry executives said the surge seems unprecedented.

That’s some crack reporting there.

WaPo commenters are having a field day:

“May” be driving gun sales????

Who WROTE this thing???

Gun control debate may be driving higher sales …… duhhhhhh, you think????……

Well gee, what did the anti-gun crowd THINK was going to happen? They run around screaming (literally) GET THE GUNS, offer absolutely zero “solutions” to help protect people, worship Piers Morgan and the like, while ignoring any facts or analysis about guns vs. violence.

This is why the Left is so uncomfortable with freedom and individual liberty.

They demand guns be grabbed and yet those pesky, freedom-loving Americans circumvent their entire agenda by running out and buying tons o’ guns before any new laws can be passed to stop them.

This wouldn’t happen under a dictator. But a benevolent dictator, mind you.

The Left is only looking out for our best interests, donchaknow.


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