Poll: Absentee Parents, Hollywood to Blame for Gun Crime

Poll: Absentee Parents, Hollywood to Blame for Gun Crime

For the first time in a long time–perhaps ever–Americans are pointing the finger of blame at absentee parents and Hollywood productions instead of law-abiding gun owners.

As a new poll conducted by NBC/Wall Street Journal reveals, 83 percent of Americans say that parents who “don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on in their kids lives” share “a great deal” of responsibility for shootings like those at the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Tuscon, AZ.

Moreover, the same poll shows that 62 percent of Americans believe that movies and television programs that portray violence in an appealing way share a large portion of the blame as well.

This poll comes amid a seemingly endless anti-gun campaign by Democrats, who for weeks have been lumping all gun owners together in shame like cigarette smokers who now have to creep outside buildings in the rain just to enjoy a Marlboro. 

It appears the tact isn’t working, and that common sense is prevailing. 

By the way, the mainstream media, which is carrying water for the Democrats’ anti-gun campaign, also shares in the guilt for gun crime–so says 67 percent of the people polled by NBC/Wall Street Journal.  


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