Bully Morgan Sandbags 'Gun Girls'

Bully Morgan Sandbags 'Gun Girls'

On Thursday, Piers Morgan invited Aubrey Blankenship and Celia Bigelow on to discuss the only issue Morgan seems to care about: Gun control.  (Has anyone else noticed that since his epic disintegration at the hands of Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro he’s pretty much only had women on to debate this issue?)

He referred to Blankenship and Bigelow as “The Gun Girls,”-something liberal women would certainly not tolerate-and he asked them to justify their “need” for an AR-15.  The “Gun Girls” did a great job explaining that AR-15s make great self-defense weapons as they are more accurate than handguns and, with an extended magazine of 30 rounds, they provide a woman enough ammunition to fend off a home invader.  

Since he was neutered at this point by “The Gun Girls,” Morgan did what Morgan does; he began to bully them, including bringing up tangential issues not part of the agreed upon topics for the segment.  

Watch Morgan get owned by “The Gun Girls”:  


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