Mainstream Media Outlets Censor Pro-Life Marches

Mainstream Media Outlets Censor Pro-Life Marches

The annual March for Life is consistently the largest perennial public demonstration in America. Yet it is virtually censored by the mainstream media.  

On Saturday, Jan. 26, over 500,000 men, women and children braved snowfall and freezing temperatures to march through Washington D.C. to protest the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.  

Simultaneously, on the west coast, over 50,000 joined the Walk for Life through the streets of San Francisco.  

But you wouldn’t know it from the Make-Believe Media‘s coverage of these events.

Neither ABC nor CBS reported on the pro-life marches.  NBC gave them a scant 15 seconds of air time and posted one crowd shot by Reuters in a piece that simply described the crowd as “thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators.”  Instead, the thousand-person gun control rally received national media attention.  

Thanks to dedicated pro-life citizen journalists, here are just a two photos from the marches the media does not want you to see (in addition to the one above):

Washington, D.C.:

San Francisco, CA:

The blatant bias is proof of the mainstream media’s political alignment and intent: to destroy alforms of conservative political opposition. While the White House and liberals in Congress attempt to destroy the Republican party politically, liberals in media are using the power of propaganda to censor the magnitude of opposition to abortion by selective reporting.


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