Howard Kurtz: Rabid Media Watchdog Ignores Kroft & Raddatz, Rips Palin

Howard Kurtz: Rabid Media Watchdog Ignores Kroft & Raddatz, Rips Palin

What kind of media reporter never makes the media angry — unless he’s being publicly accused of selling his soul for a scoop long past the date anyone would care about it?

Howard Kurtz is a media reporter, right? I mean, that’s his job, correct? It’s how he describes himself anyway, and what he poses as at CNN and the Daily Beast and the Daily Download; and I’m sure at soirees at three-story brownstones throughout the Northeast.

If that’s his beat, and from what I’ve read he’s paid a sweet $600k at the Daily Beast alone to work it, wouldn’t you think he would get excited over something that might give him a sweeter than sweet opportunity to ply his trade?

Over the weekend there were two major media stories: huge, epic derelictions of duty committed by two of the biggest stars on Kurtz’s watch. And what did Howard Kurtz have to say about these incredibly troubling events? Nothing I could find on Raddatz. But here’s the summation of his outrage over Kroft giving Hillary and Barack a sponge bath Sunday night:


Yes, you heard that right, Kurtz actually said:

Couldn’t Kroft have asked a few more substantive, issue-oriented questions; or is that not what people want to hear?

And by “people,” Kurtz means who exactly…? The people he hangs with — you know at the Daily Beast and CNN? 

Provincial much? 

Now maybe somewhere there’s a cocktail napkin loaded with Kurtzian outrage over ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CBS’s Steve Kroft playing Kevin Bacon for the Democratic Party….

…but unless I missed it, Kurtz instead chose to play Kevin Bacon for the institution he’s supposed to be reporting on:

But what did Kurtz rabidly watchdog yesterday? A conservative commentator choosing to exit Fox News. You know, because media folks who are open about their biases need much more watchdoging than those who pose as objective. Yes, that’s right, Kurtz jumped in the media school of media fish to excitedly write yet another chapter of: Palin Is So Freakin’ Over This Time — No Really, This Time It’s Again Fer Real.

Six-hundred thousand dollars a year to write the same story the rest of the media you’re supposed to cover is writing…?

What a sweet racket Kurtz created for himself. He carves out a niche as a media watchdog, which gives you the impression that someone is watchdogging the media, when in reality he’s just one of the frat boys — swimming with the tide, never rocking the boat, letting Niedermeyer chap his heiney.

And apparently, Kurtz’s employers are a-okay with it.

That $600,000 isn’t salary; it’s hush money.



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