Mark Levin: Scarborough 'Can't Hold a Candle to Sarah Palin'

Mark Levin: Scarborough 'Can't Hold a Candle to Sarah Palin'

Conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin assailed MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Monday for slamming Sarah Palin and implying that Palin–and the Tea Party–was fading away and losing influence. 

On Monday morning, Scarborough joyously claimed on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Palin and the Tea Party did not represent the future of the conservative movement and implied those like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did. 

On his talk radio show, Levin said Scarborough “can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin.”

Levin said Scarborough’s attack on Palin represented “cowardice,” was “cheap,” and symbolized a co-host playing to his liberal “media masters” at NBC. He accused Scarborough of hosting a show on “the most repugnant, repulsive, and discredited cable network in America,” which he referred to as “MSLSD.” Levin said Scarborough uses his platform to shoot “spitballs” at conservatives, statesmen, and leaders.

Levin also called it “disgraceful” that the National Review, a magazine Levin said he “grew up with” and used to “revere,” promoted “this buffoon” last weekend. 

Levin was referring to the magazine’s “Future of Conservatism” conference at which Scarborough spoke. He said “nobody” thinks Scarborough represents the future of conservatism and called Scarborough a “joke.” 

“What has Joe Scarborough ever done for the conservative movement?,” Levin indignantly asked, adding that he fits perfectly in MSNBC’s “conga line” of “freaks and misfits.”

Levin marveled that Scarborough would consider his vapid co-host Mika Brzezinski to be a “thoughtful and intelligent lady.” He said Scarborough could not even succeed with “buffoons” on talk radio and found a niche on MSNBC, where he is adored by the mainstream media elite for ripping conservatives. 

In her first interview since declining Fox News’ offer to renew her contract, Palin spoke exclusively with Breitbart News this weekend and said conservatives should look to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and writers at Breitbart News, who she said “have come out strongly against the ‘go along to get along’ politicians who wave the white flag before the battle even begins,” as the 2014 election season approaches. 

“We’re not going to be able to advance the cause of limited constitutional government unless we deal with these big government enablers on our side,” Palin forcefully said. “And this all ties into the problem of crony capitalism and the permanent political class in the Beltway. We need to consistently take them on election after election – ever vigilant.

Levin said everyone knows when Palin is making a public appearance, and Palin has “more people show up to an event” than there are viewers of Scarborough on TV. 

As for Palin’s influence, Levin noted that he did not remember any candidates during the 2012 election season begging Scarborough for his endorsement. He did say, though, that Republicans across the country (Levin named Texas Senator Ted Cruz in particular) actively sought Palin’s endorsement because they knew her seal of approval had the most sway with the Republican primary electorate. 

“Enough said,” Levin thunderously concluded when talking about Palin’s influence. 

Levin–echoing what Palin said in her interview with Breitbart News–also implied the Tea Party movement would just get stronger. 

When Breitbart News asked Palin what she thought of those who said the Tea Party was dead, Palin said that “when it comes to defending our republic, we haven’t begun to fight!”

“But we delight in those who underestimate us,” she added. 

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