MSNBC Played Rubio Sip 155 Times

MSNBC Played Rubio Sip 155 Times

After Marco Rubio took a drink of water during his response to the State of the Union address, MSNBC played the clip of Rubio drinking 155 times over the course of the next day.

CNN showed it 34 times, while Fox, showing it on Hannity and The O’Reilly Factor, played it only 12 times as they discussed MSNBC’s juvenile behavior.

You might guess, of course, that the preponderance of playbacks on MSNBC would have occurred on The Rachel Maddow Show, and you’d be correct; the show played it 101 times. A loop of the clip played over and over at the bottom of the screen for 13 minutes.

MSNBC, like any serious news outlet would, captioned the clip with hilarious titles such as “Zero Dark Thirsty,” “Swig and a Miss,” “Parch Madness,” “Just Add Water” and “Water Under the Bridge.”

This is what passes for MSNBC’s idea of wit.

Al Sharpton also joined, saying, “With the Republicans’ savior [Marco] Rubio’s big night–and what a night it was,” then grabbing a small bottle of water. Taking a swig, he asked, “OK, OK. Where was I? Sen. Rubio laid out the right-wing vision for America. And oh, what was I saying? Rubio bent the truth last night.” Another sip from a larger bottle:

I’m hydrating, just like the senator. Yep, we’re having some fun, like the rest of America, with Marco Rubio’s epic water fail. And it lit up Twitter — 9,200 tweets per minute. Sen. Rubio’s in on the fun himself, tweeting out a picture of his famous water bottle. But what Rubio was saying before and after his water cooler moment wasn’t so funny. That’s coming up, right after I finish my drink.

Then Sharpton drank from a five-gallon container.

Meanwhile, Wolf Blitzer was playing the clip 20 times on his show at CNN, asking one of the stupidest questions ever posed by a news host: “So can a drink of water make or break a political career?” CNN contributor Jeanne Moos followed by noting that Rubio needed water at the RNC: “…after Clint Eastwood left the stage, Sen. Rubio arrived thirsty.”

On Fox, O’Reilly stated, “This is so ridiculous. This is really the crux of the story. This is so foolish. Does it show desperation on the part of the Left?” Kirsten Powers replied: “Well, I’ve maintained for a while that the media is run by a bunch of 14-year olds, but now I’m going to downgrade them to kindergartners because this is the thing that they think the whole speech was about.”